Selvel One bring new edge to Kolkata outdoor advertising with Xtreme Media LED Display network

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Selvel One bring new edge to Kolkata outdoor advertising with Xtreme Media LED Display network
Outdoor LED Selvel

Outdoor LED Selvel

Selvel One is an outdoor advertising
agency working in the North East
of India. It provides various outdoor
advertising solutions and recently
undertook the installation of digital
billboards in Kolkata, India. The expansion comprised 11
LED displays in different locations of the city.
To accomplish its goals, Selvel One reached out to
Xtreme Media. Sanket Rambhia, managing director
at Xtreme Media, talks about the undertaking: “The
project involved a network of LED displays that can
be centrally and locally controlled for creating an ad
network. Xtreme Media is the technology provider for
LED displays [hardware] and digital signage software
which will serve as the medium to control the displays
from a central location and to push the data to
Regarding the expectations of the end-user Rambhia
says: “Selvel One is an advertising agency that provides
360 degrees outdoor advertising solutions. The digital
billboard is a new concept where technology plays
an important role. Selvel One expected the solution
provider to deliver a complete solution i.e. hardware
for LED display, installation and support and the
software implementation for all the hoardings. Selvel
One’s customers will be advertisers in this project. It is a
unique medium where technology meets advertising in
a true sense. A digital billboard network where a brand
can rollout the digital campaign, such as videos and
animations, through one simple click.”
A digital solution was essential as Rambhia adds:
“Selvel One was interested in an outdoor LED display
network for advertising purpose which could be operated
from one central location. They also wanted a solution
with minimum hardware dependency as the sites were
versatile and posed some challenges for maintenance.
They wanted a combined solution i.e. digital signage
software with LED display hardware. We had suggested
the use of 10mm outdoor LED displays with a uni-pole
structure that would provide enough height for the
digital billboard to catch maximum eyeballs.”
In addition to the 10mm LED displays, Xtreme Media
provided Windows NUC Celeron players, which replace
CPUs, and integrated them with its SaaS solution
through which data is pushed and managed. A sender
card has been attached to NUC player and a receiver
card has been fi xed at the back of LED display. This
serves as control system and video system too.”
Rambhia says: “We designed this type of solution
because all the site locations were close to highways
where establishing a system and connecting through
Cat6 cable is too complicated. The NUC player is good
enough to serve as control and video system and can
receive input through our pre-installed digital signage
solution and push it to LED display.”
He continues: “One of the key innovation in terms
of hardware we have carried out is creating a compact
solution which is easily scalable and at the same time
it is effective. In conventional LED display installations,
you require a PC or laptop with a sender card that gives
output and receiver card at LED display end which
receives input. We reduced the hardware dependency
by integrating digital signage media player and receiver
card within the LED display. You don’t need extra space
or more importantly manpower to manage that PC or
laptop at each site.”

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