Digital signage business primed for accelerated growth

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October 4, 2017
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December 4, 2017
Digital signage business primed for accelerated growth
Xtreme Media Director Mr. Sanket Rambhia

Elaborate about Xtreme Media and its objective.

Starting in the year 2009 with just four people, Xtreme Media has come a long way to become a team of 80+ people now. Making it big in 2011, Xtreme Media partnered with the Bombay Stock Exchange providing them high-quality displays with maintenance and support services. Known for striking innovations, we were the first to launch digital signage on Linux platform making it more affordable. With multiple platform compatibility like Android, Windows including SoC programs like SSSP & LGWebOS, Xtreme Media is the technology provider behind India’s first DOOH display ad network created by Selvel One in Kolkata.

With the objective to be a technology leader in DOOH space through continuous innovation, Xtreme Media services pan India with a presence in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune and Indore.

Xtreme Media describes itself as a one-stop shop for digital OOH solutions. How would you assess the digital signage market in India?

Increasing public infrastructure development activities, growth in advertising expenditure, growing retails sales, expanding footprint of organised retail outlets are all leading to penetration of digital signage systems across the country. According to 6W research, India’s digital signage market is projected to reach $874 million or 1.3 million units by 2022.

The vision of the Government of India to have 100 smart cities in the country will be an important growth driver for digital signage solutions with increasing demand for signage solutions like Variable Messaging System, Interactive Wayfinding and Passenger & Flight Information Display System. As per 6W research, Indian retail market is forecasted to reach $918 million by 2022 making it one of the highest growing markets for digital signage compared to the other matured markets.

Elaborate on the Crowd Analytics activity carried out by Xtreme Media. Which technologies are used while gathering the data?

Xtreme Media’s Crowd Analytics Solution measures customer insights pertaining to demographics and emotions of the viewer. This solution not only allows brands to accurately measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns but also triggers the right content as per the collected data. Crowd Analytics can be implemented by attaching a simple HD camera to the digital signage. This software integrated with the camera detects the age group, gender and most importantly viewer’s attention span.

What are the other key areas that you are working upon?

Every year, Xtreme Media rolls out three new innovative solutions for the Indian market. This year we have developed Beacon Indoor GPS, 3D Interactive Wayfinding and Ad Engine. Keeping it brief, Xtreme Media’s Indoor GPS solution uses beacon devices powered by Bluetooth to connect with the users. Beacon devices are installed at various strategic locations inside the venue which will pick up the signal transmitted by the user’s smartphone helping them to reach their destination. With the use of beacons, shopping stores can personalise their shopper’s experience by showing them relevant deals coupled with real-time product updates.

Coming to the Ad engine, it is an aggregator platform bringing together all DOOH media owners and advertisers. Here any entity that has a digital signage installed in any location can register as a media owner which will be open to advertisers to display their ads. Ad engine is an excellent solution benefiting both advertisers and media owners.


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