Xtreme Media Interactive Wayfinding for Phoenix Malls in India

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November 10, 2017
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February 22, 2018
Xtreme Media Interactive Wayfinding for Phoenix Malls in India

In modern retail, shopping has become an experience, not just a necessity. With the
increasing income level, lifestyle is changing and today’s shopper is spending more than ever.
All developing economies are experiencing a retail boom and India is no exception. Malls
have become a one-stop destination for food, shopping, and entertainment; posing a huge
challenge to maintain high customer experience.
Technology assists the mall management in various ways to tackle this challenge. One such
innovation is the interactive wayfinding. On an average, a visitor spends at least a few hours
in the mall and navigating using the conventional static signs sometimes becomes confusing.
Interactive wayfinding becomes an essential solution in such case.
Phoenix Mills is leading name in the retail industry having successful malls such as High
Street Phoenix and Marketcity in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. High Street Phoenix in
Lower Parel, Mumbai has an area of 3,300,000 square feet and hosts many premium brands.
Similarly, Marketcity is located at Viman Nagar in Pune & Whitefield Road at Bengaluru. All
Phoenix malls are popular shopping & entertainment destinations. Xtreme Media has
designed & deployed interactive wayfinding for various Phoenix malls, making the
navigation for these mall visitors easy.
Xtreme Media Interactive Wayfinder offers search options making it easier for a visitor to
find their desired destination quickly and comes with the map view for showcasing shortest
route available.
Through Xtreme Media interactive Wayfinder, a visitor can see the entire mall map, click on
a shop and the Wayfinder will calculate the shortest available route. One can also search by
categories like shopping, entertainment, restaurants, information desk, amenities, parking,
elevators, escalators, etc.
Within shopping, Wayfinder provides an option to search by sub-categories like fashion,
electronics, eateries. Mall layout is complex, and many times shoppers find it difficult to find
the store quickly. In such case, interactive wayfinding guides a customer to shop in a hasslefree
manner enriching the customer experience.
Xtreme Media has deployed Interactive Wayfinders at various Phoenix malls. There are 4
Interactive Wayfinders for High Street Phoenix Mall in Lower Parel Mumbai, 9 for Phoenix
Kurla Marketcity Mall, 6 for Phoenix Marketcity Mall in Pune and 8 for Phoenix Marketcity
Mall in Bangalore. We have designed and developed wayfinding maps to suit the aesthetics
of each map. Since the kiosk is deployed in public places and expected to be used ruggedly,
the hardware provided is robust and requires minimal maintenance.
Senior Centre Director of Phoenix Marketcity said, “Working with Xtreme Media has been a
pleasant experience. We were looking for an innovative solution which aid visitors to locate
and reach their destination quickly and conveniently. Xtreme Media’s customized Interactive
Wayfinding Solution assist visitors to find their desired shop or destination quickly and in
turn, help us in providing a superior customer experience.

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