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2203, 2018

Still confused about choosing a digital signage or traditional OOH?

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7 statistics that will reinforce the fact that digital signages are the future of out of home advertising.

Digital Signage is a powerful medium for audience engagement, reducing the recurring operational expenses and elevating the overall brand perception. Research has proved that digital displays have a major role to play in increasing the in-store sales, reducing […]

2202, 2018

Five reasons why an investment in a digital signage solution is a best bet for retailers.

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In today’s technological age, traditional signages are passé for any industry. Retailers using traditional advertising mediums like posters, flex banners, etc. struggle to capture eyeballs and have to bear the hassle of getting them replaced frequently. On the contrary, a digital signage being dynamic in nature offers flexibility to the retailers and enhances the in-store […]

2606, 2015

Luxury Brands Go The Digital Way With LED Display Screens

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The LED display board outside a mall, shop or a restaurant instantly catches our attention. When you are stuck in traffic logs those big and attractive LED display walls, advertising or displaying various ads, pictures or videos captures your attention and helps you forget those nasty traffic jams for a while, doesn’t it?

We love the […]

2606, 2015

LED Scoreboard Solutions – Enhances The Stadium Experience

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You went to a cricket match yesterday? Surely it must have been fun and exciting!  But weren’t you more thrilled to see your favorite cricket star on the giant screens installed at the stadium! Well, they were LED Video Wall Displays. Yes, nothing can compare to getting a thumb size view of your heartthrob in […]

1006, 2015

Trends In LED Display Market

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Let us start by saying that we are living in the new world, and this new world is defined and designed by Science and Technology. Look around and you will see that works of Science surround us. We all have an LED TV, a phone that boats of an LED display screen and the latest […]