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Digital Signage Kiosk – A Case Study On UK Visa Offices

With wide accomplishment of the internet era, one of the oldest medium of advertising – outdoor media is getting a makeover in the form of digital signage. UK Visa offices, India desired to keep their waiting customer entertained and at the same time add an attractive constituent to overall ambience to enrich customer experience They accomplished this by installing digital signage in their office premises. Digital sigange kiosks installed help them to provide guidelines for people present there. The overall procedure that VFS follows is quite critical & lengthy. Hence VFSM wanted something which will ease up this complex procedure. This new technological innovation was expected to minimize the errors & to make the system effective. The output achieved by this implementation is “increased efficiency level” & “customer engagement”.

Xtreme Media Pvt. Ltd is a promising LED video wall & Digital Signage company from Mumbai. XMPL solution has been selected for this new technological implementation. The solution thatUK Visa offices required was more sophisticated & customized than just LED screens. Hence, they opted for kiosk with LED screens to showcase the digital signage content.

Other advantages brought about by the kiosks is no disruption in broadcasting and direct communication with the customers as Xtreme Media player operates locally – by downloading required content so as not to depend on the network connectivity .

Normally, there is always a long queue waiting at VFS to be attended to. In such a case, it is important to keep customers entertained & busy, otherwise, this situation could lead to frustration by customers. Customer engagement can be achieved through live TV streaming for e.g. if Indian cricket match is streaming on the TV, waiting customer will unlikely to be bored. Flexibility of Xtreme Media player is that it can play any format of media like videos, images, flash,live TV, RSS feeds, etc.

XM player enabled UK Visa office to be more informative & entertaining. On the other hand, advertising could have got them extra revenues by advertising for other companies, subsidiaries and partners.

Case Study Details

Client:              UK Visa Office

 Solution:       32 windows based digital signage kiosks provided to VFS Global Mumbai

Completion:   In 2012

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