Digtal Signage Application For Banking

Digital-Signage-solution-suppliers-for-Banking Banking is undoubtedly one of the most important applications of digital signage. Banks need to display a lot of mandatory & non-mandatory static & dynamic data which can be collectively shown on a digital signage screen in the most effective manner possible. Perhaps more so than at any other time, financial institutions find themselves under increasing pressure to connect with customers quickly and effectively. A bank may have only a few moments to capture a customer’s attention and convey its message, making it more important than ever to provide the best customer experience possible.

Instead of a cardboard counter sign, a digital display shows a video. And instead of a banner advertising low mortgage rates, a digital sign shows a young couple moving into their first home. It is an evolution that is in process and one that will result in the total reinvention of the bank branch. In today’s world of light-speed banking, print marketing is becoming less and less relevant. Information such as interest rates can change on a daily, if not hourly, basis, meaning that print marketing materials can be obsolete before they are shipped to the branch. Innumerable benefits offered by digital signage include showing Forex & Interest rates, token & queue management data, RBI circulars, live TV, banks products & services, CSR activities, etc, all on a single screen. It is like setting up a private channel for the bank.

Places where a customer travels when in the bank, such as the ATM, the forms counter, the foyer and the teller line all are candidates for digital signage placement. Within the banking environment, there are the areas where a customer and the bank can benefit by providing information that enables the customer to have specific need taken care of. Interactive touchscreen displays can handle some of the functions previously accomplished by a teller, allowing that person to accomplish other, more profitable tasks. When the branch is closed, digital signage can be used to train bank employees on new procedures, eliminating the need to send trainers to individual branches.

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Indoor LED Video Wall

Provide Optimum Image Quality Over An Exceptionally Long Lifetime
Indoor LED Video Wall has quickly become the standard display technology for the majority of indoor video screen applications to entertain, inform and advertise.

Outdoor LED Video Wall

Always Deliver The Clearest And Brightest Images In Full Daylight Conditions
XM Outdoor LED Video Wall is a high-definition electronic screen which is able to meet the requirements of outdoor complex environment.

LED Video Wall For Stadium/Sports Arena

Joy Of Watching The Match On The Playground
LED Video Walls can be controlled from the control rooms using a computer to change the scores, and show different promotions and animations.

LED Video Wall Airport/Transport

Very Effective Medium To Show Travel Information Like Arrival & Departure Info
Through our digital signage software, all this information can be scheduled in advance or controlled on the fly from any central location.

LED Ticker

LED Ticker Displays Custom Messages
LED Tickers can stream custom messages along with financial, news and sports data to create a one of a kind atmosphere.

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