Digital Signage Application For Hospitality

Digital-Signage-Solution-for-Hospitality-IndustryThe complete essence of a hotel revolves around its perception in the mind of its customers. A hotel with same kind of amenities & quality as its neighbouring competitor can charge a much higher premium from its customers if it is positioned well. Digital signage has a big role to play in the brand building and positioning of any hotel. Professionally crafted beautiful templates on very gorgeous HD screens take the brand image to another level. Beautiful pictures of the rooms can be showcased on rotation basis. This strategy does the work of up-selling as customers are immediately enticed to upgrade their rooms on seeing beautiful visuals.

Amenities available in the hotel such as swimming pool, spa, gym, bars, night clubs can be effectively advertised on these screens which would generate good parallel revenue for the hotel. Displaying attractive offers on spa and happy hours for drinks does a great job of pushing the customers to avail the benefits. Digital signage can be used for meeting room management by displaying current and upcoming schedule outside the meeting rooms and conference rooms and can be either pre-scheduled or changed on the fly. A lot of other useful general information like highlighting popular tourist destinations in the city as well as displaying new, weather info and public travel information greatly benefit the customers staying at the hotel.

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Indoor LED Video Wall

Provide Optimum Image Quality Over An Exceptionally Long Lifetime
Indoor LED Video Wall has quickly become the standard display technology for the majority of indoor video screen applications to entertain, inform and advertise.

Outdoor LED Video Wall

Always Deliver The Clearest And Brightest Images In Full Daylight Conditions
XM Outdoor LED Video Wall is a high-definition electronic screen which is able to meet the requirements of outdoor complex environment.

LED Video Wall For Retail

Getting Quick Attention Of Buyer Is Utmost Important
LED Video Wall shows real time pictures and it does not have limitations of size, shape & viewing distance and many applications of LED Video Walls for the Retail/Mall.

LED Video Wall For Rental

Used In Religious & Reality Events To Add A Sparkle & Status To The Event
LED Video Walls do not have the restriction of size & shape, various type of LED Video Walls like cylindrical, flexible, life size displays are used to attract the viewers.

LED Ticker

LED Ticker Displays Custom Messages
LED Tickers can stream custom messages along with financial, news and sports data to create a one of a kind atmosphere.

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