Digital Signage Application For Retail

XM DS applications in retailRetail Industry is vast and expanding at the same time; probably the most dynamic at the moment. FDI in retail has just made the competition even more intense. There’s a war for attracting consumers and gaining and retaining their loyalty. It is actually survival of the fittest…or is it of being the most attractive and consumer friendly? In a retail outlet the audience is huge and you have sold the products to them in a short span, a situation ideal for the use of digital signage.

Marketing through digital signage is convenient, easy and efficient against conventional advertising. It successfully attracts customers and creates an impact on their mind. POP (Point-Of-Purchase) advertising plays vital role in Retail industry. Digital signage is highly customizable which makes it an effective POP advertising tool. Various formats such as kiosks, vertical & horizontal screens, digital brochures on tablets etc makes digital signage a perfect fit for retail POP advertising. Digital signage is one time investment with minimum maintenance costs as compared to traditional hoardings which have several recurring costs.

Various types of content files can be incorporated into digital signage. Text, images, scrolling text, videos, flash animation, audio files are some of the major formats are supported .Digital signage is a perfect exhibitor of the new arrivals, products & services. It also communicates all the deals & offers effectively, unlike conventional methods which fail to provide updated information on real time basis, as the entire procedure of conceptualizing, printing etc is long.