Digital Signage Application For Cinema Theatre & Auditorium

Digital-Signage-In-Cinema-Hall-Theatre-AuditoriumThere was a time when single screen theatres ruled the roost in the entertainment segment the most. Single screen, long queues yet cheap ticket rates and decent seating arrangement is all that mattered. With the introduction of multiplexes the game changed completely. Audience’s expectations changed and as a result did the business dynamics!!! The world of cinema is getting increasingly competitive. Nobody expects just a big screen and the picture quality anymore. Moviegoers are looking for a cinematic experience. This experience will come through being informative at the same time packaging it attractively with more promotions, advertising. With the help of digital signage you can convert your multiplex into a multimedia entertainment center, a sort of local cultural hub. Digital signage can be used to attract more visitors generate more revenue and efficient customer service.

You can use digital menu boards which will help deliver eye-catching information for a lot of your operational purposes. A lot of promotional and branding activities are carried out at a cinema. Digital signage adds a lot of creativity to the process of creating the audio visual mode of message delivery. You can beautifully present the food menus along with the digital menu boards. The lobbies and lounge can be adorned with screens which can discuss upcoming events, activities and trailers of upcoming movies. For box office, digital signage can be used to display movie timings, price, show timings, etc. Also you can display movie posters in a colorful and professional format using digital posters. Digital signage can also used for displaying marketing messages alongside entertainment-oriented content and advertising.

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Indoor LED Video Wall

Provide Optimum Image Quality Over An Exceptionally Long Lifetime
Indoor LED Video Wall has quickly become the standard display technology for the majority of indoor video screen applications to entertain, inform and advertise.

Outdoor LED Video Wall

Always Deliver The Clearest And Brightest Images In Full Daylight Conditions
XM Outdoor LED Video Wall is a high-definition electronic screen which is able to meet the requirements of outdoor complex environment.

Digital Signage Software

Operate And Manage Digital Signage Networks
XM Digital Signage Software is an end-to-end management platform which is used to operate and manage digital signage networks, large and small all over the world.

LED Ticker

LED Ticker Displays Custom Messages
LED Tickers can stream custom messages along with financial, news and sports data to create a one of a kind atmosphere.

LED Video Wall For Stadium/Sports Arena

Joy Of Watching The Match On The Playground
LED Video Walls can be controlled from the control rooms using a computer to change the scores, and show different promotions and animations.

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