XM Play Celeron

Particulars Details
CPU ntel® Celeron® Processor J3455 (2M Cache, up to 2.3 GHz)
Memory 2GB DDR3
Storage 32 GB SSD
Resolution 3840x2160

XM Play i5

Particulars Details
CPU Intel® Core™ i5-7260U processor
Memory 4GB DDR3
Storage 64/120 GB SSD
Resolution 3840x2160

XM Play HP T-630

Particulars Details
CPU AMD embedded G-series GX-420GI Radeon R7E 2.00GHz
Memory Windows 10 IoT
Storage 64 GB SSD
Resolution 2 display ports at 3840x2160

XM Play HP T-730

Particulars Details
CPU AMD RX427BB with amd radeon Quod Core R7 @2.70GHz
Memory 8GB DDR3
Storage 32GB SSD + 500 GB HDD
Resolution 4 display ports at 4096x2160

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