Crowd Analytics

Xtreme Media® Crowd Analytics measures customer insights pertaining to demographics and emotions of the viewer. This solution not only allows brands to accurately measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, but it also triggers the right content as per the data collected. Crowd Analytics can be implemented by attaching a simple HD camera to the digital signage. Xtreme Media® Crowd Analytics software integrated with the camera detects the age group, gender and most importantly his/her attention span which represents the interest level of the viewer. Emotions such as is the viewer smiling or not are also captured for analysis.

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Features Of Crowd Analytics :

Remote web based applicationCompatible With Any HD Cam

Deploy Xtreme Media® Crowd Analytics over any HD Camera as accessible & affordable by the client.

Remote web based applicationCustomizable

Change the analysis parameters as per the brand requirement to get best out of your crowd analytics.

Remote web based applicationAge Group Identification

Strategize your campaigns by analyzing the age group of the audience attracted towards a particular digital signage.

Remote web based applicationEmotional Analysis

Understand the interest level & reaction (Smiling/sad face) of the viewer to the content played on digital signage.

Remote web based applicationGender Identification

Showcase relevant products which appeal to the viewers on the basis of the most important demographic bifurcation i.e. gender.

Remote web based applicationAttention & Glance Time

Measure the effectivity & relevance of your content on the basis of the the time spent by the viewer looking at the screen.

Remote web based applicationReports

Track & improve the success of your campaigns by using easy to analyze graphical reports generated by the solution.

Remote web based applicationContent Trigger

Trigger correct content on the screen basis on the audience history or current onlooker of the screen.