Digital Brochures

XM Digital BrochuresLet us understand the concept of digital brochures taking the example of jewellery retail chain. Any jewellery brand would like to showcase maximum design in all its outlets. However, when he calculates the ROI achieved by keeping all the stock at all outlets, it does not turn to be favourable. Hence what is really needed is a directory which can display maximum designs effectively and that which can be updated at the click of a button. Digital signage does just that through a digital brochure.

Digital signage helps the owner to update the brochures located at all outlets of the jeweller at the click of a button. He can customize each brochure to decide what should be displayed in which sequence and how. Most important feature of this is that hundreds of branches all across the world can have all the latest design within minutes. Regionwise distribution of actual stock will then allow for transfer of the stock item whenever required by a client.