Feedback System

XM Feedback System
“XM Feedback System is comprehensive solution designed by XM in-house team to solve a bigger question for any brand out there. ‘What my customer wants’? XM feedback system makes submitting a feedback regarding anything ‘an experience.’ “

How XM Feedback System Works?

Customer can enter feedback through any assigned device such as laptop/tablet. Once submitted, an administrator can review the comments and approve them, same feedback can be made live on big displays located at the venue and on social media sites such as twitter.

Features Of Feedback System :

Intuitive Icon Intuitive

As feedback system could be a single point modem without any help for customer to fill his opinion, this software solution is highly intuitive.

Publicity Icon Word of mouth publicity

Word of mouth or referral marketing is excellent & most credible way for any brand to create awareness. XM feedback system allows you to showcase positive feedback from actual customers.

Integrated Solution Feedback Icon Integrated solution for different devices

XM feedback system supports and designed by keeping in mind that it might be used across different devices such as smartphones/tablets/desktop/LCD Videowall etc.

Comments Approval Icon Comments Approval

XM feedback system comes with comments approval filter through which a brand can filter out the not relevant comments to showcase on display screen for others to read.

Social Media Icon Social Media Integration

To create a close connection with viewer and customer, through XM feedback system one can post his/her feedback on various social media accounts including twitter.

Feedback Gathering Icon Customer insights

Brand can make its customer loyal if it understands its customer correctly. To understand ever changing nature of customer and external factors that might be influencing buying behavior, XM feedback system enables collection of feedback on product/service/experiment on timely basis.