Queue Management System

Xtreme Media® queue management service is an integrated token management application with digital signage features. Today’s business requires solutions that enable better process management. Managing a waiting customer is a vital element for businesses, especially for businesses like retail, banking, healthcare, quick serving restaurants etc, where waiting time is high. In this solution, one part of a screen will be utilized by QMS and the rest of the screen will be utilized for showing images, videos or any other file formats used by our digital signage.

XM QMS+ DSS enables optimum utilization of resources & it is a cost effective solution as the maintenance cost is substantially low which results into high ROI.

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Features Of Queue Management System :

Remote web based applicationWeb Based Solution

Access the solution & gracefully manage queues from any mobile, tablet or computer, in use by the admin or any sub-user, via Intranet/Internet.

Token generation through smart phones and tablets Token Generation

Generate customized tokens as per the service to be availed & automatically populate queues at the service counters.

Missing Token Number & Recall Missed Token Recall

Recall no show tokens of customers who may have, for whatsoever reasons, missed their token call earlier.

Calling A Customer Out Of Turn Out Of Turn

Call customers in a non-sequential order in case of any emergency as and when required.

Multi Data Presentation Multi Data Presentation

Play any media content like images, videos, etc. suitable for brand promotion, alongside customized queuing data.

User Management And Access Levels User Management

Allow different users to perform different functions as per their roles & access levels assigned to them by the admin.