Stock Exchange Ticker Software

XM LED ticker at BSEXtreme Media is a proud vendor of BSE, listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange website for live stock feed. Live feed from all BSE indices is received by us for distribution to other stock brokers, banks, mutual funds, etc for display on LED screens.

Our homegrown stock exchange ticker software is able to accept the live feed received from the exchange and give a customized output as per the need of our client. It’s web-based content management interface can be accessed from any remote location.

Salient features of our stock exchange ticker software, not available with any other vendor are as follows:

LED Icon Show stock data in various formats such as

  • Multi Regions: Divide ticker in fixed and scrolling sections and schedule separately for each part
  • Multi Lines: Divide ticker in any number of lines
  • Multi-Lingual: Show stock data in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, etc
  • Adjust display parameters like scrolling speed, brightness etc
  • Show up quotes in green, down quotes in red (colour coding)
  • Show company logo along with stock price
  • Change font type and font size
  • Display any script that is traded on BSE in any order
  • Show indices like Bankex, Sensex, BSE100 etc.
  • Interleave Stock Quote, Indices, etc along with promotional messages for display on the Ticker
  • Show any fields of a Stock: Open Price, Last Price, Quantity, Bid Price, Offer Price, Change value, change value in percentage, closing price etc. in any order

Attractive Content Icon Show attractive animations and graphics in addition to the stock data.

Schedule Icon Schedule and control ticker from anywhere: web based remote management.

Preview Icon Preview: Preview images, videos and layouts created before scheduling.

Live Monitoring Icon Live Monitoring: See content being played on LED Ticker in real time from any remote location.

Feeds Icon Support for other feeds like news flash, weather, forex rates, commodity prices, etc.

Gadgets Icon Extensible: Add gadgets like clock, weather, etc.