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LED Ticker DisplayLED ticker is as simply an LED display strip that contains mostly live information which is in motion. That is also what makes it unique. First, it grabs the attention of the viewer with the displayed information and then holds their attention with the movement of the data. They can be in the form of a lateral, short or long strip; it can be curved in a horizontal or vertical manner. LED Ticker represents the data in crisp and to the point informative manner. LED Ticker displays bring in a charged professional atmosphere on any trading floors, stock market, corporate lobby, retail bank, control room, newsroom, etc. Our Tickers can feature full color and are ideal for streaming stock information, news headlines, and other live information.

Apart from such display of serious information, tickers can be used for displaying entertaining information such as sport scores, latest news, gossip and humor, from the movies to fashion, literature, etc. Thus it can be source of entertainment as well. What’s more, it presents you with a opportunity to insert your own information, publish announcements, marketing & branding campaigns in the middle of other information.

LED tickers are available in single, three & multi-colour options. Some of our most prestigious work has been in the form of highly advanced mammoth LED Tickers which adorn National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Multilingual / GPRS Based Displays


MULTILINGUAL / GPRS BASED DISPLAYSMultilingual LED Tickers are commonly used in public areas to transmit messages, advertisements, news, etc to the local public in their own language. They are available in different colors and can even be multi-coloured. Various control mechanisms including controlling the display via a GPRS network by sending a sms are available.

These displays are available in any required sizes and are commonly installed inside buses, trains, etc to display exact locations of the vehicle and/or place of destination. They are largely installed on railway platforms, bus-stops, airports, etc. to display real time information such as ETA, ETD, delays, schedules, etc. All the displays can be managed from a central location. Auto announcement solutions with LED synchronizations are also available.

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