Scrolling LED displays also known as LED ticker displays are an ideal solution to display live stock market data, news headlines, RSS feeds, twitter feeds, sports score etc. The content played on an LED ticker is mostly in motion. These displays are flexible true color modules that can be built to any length and customized to take concave, convex or cylindrical shapes blending with the environment.


LED tickers are commonly used by stock exchanges to display stock market fluctuations and by banks to showcase currency rates, interest rates, etc. They are also used at various transport junctions to showcase public safety messages.


Case Study

The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)

Details : 2 P4 vertical LED tickers of size 42.8ft. x 2.5ft.
Location : Mumbai
National Stock Exchange of India is one of the leading stock exchanges of India. They were looking for a complete solution that would help them display their stock data on a real time basis.

  • The stock data changes every second, the software needs to be quick and robust to capture dynamic fluctuations

  • Xtreme Media software fetches the stock data from the NSE server and transmits it to the LED ticker

  • The gaining stocks are displayed in green color and the loosing company stocks are shown in red color



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