Media Facade

What Is LED Media Facade

LED Media facade is a lighting & decorating solution which is technologically advanced& dynamic in nature.

LED Media façade is all unconventional and innovative way not only to decorate building facades but also to communicate through different media formats.

Media Facade

Designing LED Media Facade

Architect & lightening designer develop a led Media façade design, which can be developed by Xtreme Media.

This design can perfectly blend the modern technology into architecture.

Media Facade

LED Media Facade Visuals

LED Media Façade is backed by Xtreme Media software which is used in creating different visuals such as shapes, silhouettes, logos and colorful kaleidoscope.

Linear Light

Material and Execution

LED Media Façade is created by merging LED lighting techniques such as wall washers, floodlights, linear lights etc.

All this conventional lightening material is used in combination depending on the design, then it is controlled by Xtreme Media software, widening the scope for creative visuals and easing up the process.

Wall Washer


The main advantage of LED Media Façade is this solution is backed by software which can control the façade lighting to create a WOW experience for the viewers.

Our team of experts will design the LED technology solution as per the design provided hence the overall solution is extremely customizable.

* all visuals used for reference only