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LED-Video-Wall-Manufacturer-in-IndiaXtreme Media manufactures high-quality LED video walls which encompass a wide range of different resolutions, technologies and sizes. At Xtreme media, LED Display system is designed by video wall experts with decades of industry experience. Xtreme Media creates LED video wall solutions specifically designed to deliver precise and brilliant visual messages, in the world's most demanding environments. Our products are suitable for billboard advertising to digital signage and architectural applications.


• Our LED Video Walls are scalable, durable and reliable.

• LED Video Wall screens of any size are easily integrated & monitored remotely despite the location.

• LED Video walls are effective even at tough outdoor locations

• Xtreme Media offers custom-built stylish and elegant LED display screen.

• LED video wall display features most flexible mounting systems; therefore there is no limitation of shape or size for LED wall or installation platform.


We have equipped Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange with advanced digital display technology through our solutions. At BSE we installed 125 feet horizontal LED Ticker, 2 screens at BSE lobby & one at BSE façade. At NSE, we have installed 300 sq feet Indoor LED video wall & 42.8 ft twin vertical stock tickers. The LED scrolling ticker features live stock prices, company logo’s, graphics & animation in multiple lines which can be easily viewed from a distance. Features like high brightness, robust technology, amazing picture quality, power efficiency, cost effectiveness are the demand drivers for our LED Video walls.

LED Video wall Applications

In India, LED Video Walls are extensively used for advertising, information sharing & as interactive medium to entertain & engage targeted customer. Architectural integration in auditoriums, banks, highways, retail, stadiums & stock exchange etc are different industry applications of LED walls.

Other Products


Indoor LED Video Wall

Provide Optimum Image Quality Over An Exceptionally Long Lifetime
Indoor LED Video Wall has quickly become the standard display technology for the majority of indoor video screen applications to entertain, inform and advertise.

Outdoor LED Video Wall

Always Deliver The Clearest And Brightest Images In Full Daylight Conditions
XM Outdoor LED Video Wall is a high-definition electronic screen which is able to meet the requirements of outdoor complex environment.

Digital Signage Software

Operate And Manage Digital Signage Networks
XM Digital Signage Software is an end-to-end management platform which is used to operate and manage digital signage networks, large and small all over the world.
Digital Signage Solution For Banking

Digital Signage For Banking

Connecting Businesses With Consumers Like Never Before
These days, a bank may have only a few moments to capture a customer’s attention and convey its message, that customer experience is being provided.

LED Ticker

LED Ticker Displays Custom Messages
LED Tickers can stream custom messages along with financial, news and sports data to create a one of a kind atmosphere.

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