LED Video Wall For Airport / Transport

XM LED  curved screen at MUmbai Airport t2 terminalAll the junctions of transport like airports, stations, bus-stops, etc have millions of people passing by every day who need to be informed about the travel status & respective time-tables. Also the footfall at these common places can be used to generate advertising revenues for the transport authorities.

At all the transport junctions like airports, stations, etc, LED displays serve as a very effective medium to show travel information like arrival & departure info, delays, terminal/platform info, etc. Through our Digital Signage Software, all this information can be scheduled in advance or controlled on the fly from any central location which can be integrated with feed from specific FIDS/TIDS software.

Any such common areas like a station or an airport are huge brightly lit properties which require a very effective medium of communication. LED Video Walls are ultra bright & extremely rugged displays which serve as the right medium for displaying various advertisements.LED Video Walls can take spherical/cylindrical shape without any size limitations to attract viewers’ attention which can be viewed from any location.

Dynamic LED Tickers can be placed at various locations to show stock market information, current news, corporate news, etc which would be of interest to the passengers while a part of the ticker can be used as a medium of branding for the company owning the ticker.