LED Video Wall For Clubs & Pubs

LED Video Walls in clubs and pubsClubs & Pubs are venues where a lot of glamour is required to attract the party goers, who would always appreciate and get enticed by newer technologies which give a modern feel and an ecstatic experience. LED Video Walls are used to create waterproof dance floors on which the party- goer can dance without any damage to the dance floor. Entire ceiling of the pub can be covered by LED Video Walls which can show graphics, videos, etc controlled through XM software. LED Video Walls made up of tubes are used to cover the walls of the pub which give a very architectural.

Various elements are used to make an LED Video Wall to cover the ceiling, wall & floor of the night club where in the animations can change as per the beats of the music playing in the background. The world famous MADRIX software can be integrated with our LED Video Walls for the said purpose. This kind of a solution creates a very passionate & psychedelic atmosphere which makes the customers come back again & again hence increasing the revenues for the business owner.