LED Video Wall For Hoardings, Advertising & Mobile Vans

LED Video wall hoadrings & advertisingAll over the world immense out of home advertising (OOH) is carried out through the medium of hoardings located along road side in big & small cities. The newest & most effective trend in hoarding advertisement is done via the medium of LED advertising boards or outdoor LED advertising display.

LED hoardings advertisement enables the content to be viewed from very far distances as they are very bright in nature. Further the advertising space can be optimized by scheduling multiple advertisements to play one after another in a periodic manner. LED Videowall hoarding advertisements can be updated/changed remotely by using XM Digital Signage Software, hence eliminating the pain of printing, transporting & installing static posters every time they need to be changed. Further emergence country/statewide messages, news, etc can be flashed across the country at the click of a button.

We are a LED Videowall hoarding manufacturer and provide end-to end services for erecting the complete structure including the base, pole & the supporting frame in addition to the LED Videowall hardware and supporting software and hence clients can buy complete LED hoarding displays from us.

LED hoardings on mobile vans is a very interesting application of LED Videowalls where in the LED Videowall is mounted on a truck which moves from one place to another as required. Mobile Videowalls are very useful in outdoor events & festivals where the main event can be blown up on these screens in a way which will be viewable to the entire crowd attending the function. Additional features like a power generator & a hydraulic stand which can help rotate the screen from one direction to another are also a part of the mobile LED van.