LED Video Wall For Retail

LED Video wall In RetailIn a fast evolving highly competitive retail sector getting quick attention of buyer is utmost important. Dynamic, high brightness display that can create a buzz and energize the ambience can increase footfall and revenue. The glamour brought about by LED Videowall elevates the brand image in the mind of customers which they would want to follow and be loyal to.

Unlike an LCD Videowall, LED Videowall shows real time pictures and it does not have limitations of size, shape & viewing distance. There are many applications of LED Videowalls for the Retail/Mall Industry:

  • LED Videowalls serve as a dynamic store front viewable through the glass window to display enlarged eye-catching images of products which can be viewed from far distances.
  • LED Strips can be used to give a classic background to the mannequins changeable at the click of a button.
  • LED Videowall is used to create a classic store backdrop which creates a very modern ambience for shopping.
  • LED Façade Name Walls can be used for flagship stores,high be used to cover the entire store façade.