LED Video Wall For Stadium Or Sports Arena

LED Video wall applications in stadiumThe outdoor stadiums are spacious and exposed to outdoor factors. To create a rich experience for the audience LED displays are a perfect solution. Many times the game happening is not clearly visible to the audience in the stands of the stadium. LED displays can clearly showcase the actions happening on the pitch to audiences through its bright & clear resolutions.

The nature of XM outdoor LED video wall eliminates all the hurdles which any other displays can face. XM Outdoor video walls are available in higher pixel pitches making it visible to larger viewing distances. For e.g. 25 mm LED video wall is clearly visible from 25 meters distance.

LED video walls are bright, weatherproof & waterproof making it suitable for huge cricket, football or any other stadiums. XM LED walls are auto brightness; hence it is clearly visible in broad daylight & night time too.

LED walls at stadiums can effectively build the vibrant environment of a game. There are various types of content formats it supports such as images, videos, text, twitter feed. Video commercials, different type of animation can be played for showing scores, home runs, sixes & four’s etc.

XM LED walls are true color which has high refresh rates. It is centrally controlled solution making it easier for exhibitor to show promotions, live feeds in timely manner.The other types of LED displays used in stadiums are perimeter displays. Perimeter displays are used for advertising and branding of sponsors. As this is module based technology, perimeter display can be turned into any shape as per requirements.