Indoor LED Video Wall And LED Display India

In today’s fast evolving mediascape, multi-functional, multimedia Indoor LED Video wall has quickly become the standard display technology for the majority of indoor video screen applications to entertain, inform and advertise.

XM indoor LED displays are made up of SMD (Surface-mount-device-light-emitting-code). The space amongst two LED’s (pixel pitch) is less in this technology; as a result indoor LED displays are evident even from the shortest distance.

This technology is revolutionary not only in terms of posh ambience but also in terms of delivering effective content. It delivers crystal clear resolutions, images, content in motion, text format etc.

XM Indoor LED Video wall is designed for indoor applications. The major places where indoor LED displays used are retail spaces especially malls, stock exchange premises, bank, airports, auditoriums, movie theaters, corporate lobbies, restaurants, retail stores, religious places, hospital lobbies and campus, event venues, trade shows or expos, etc.

Pixel Pitches

Pixel pitches a common term used for LED displays defines by the ideal distance between viewer and video wall. The reason why pixel pitch is such a deciding factor is as per suitable viewing distance pixel is placed and LED walls are designed. For e.g. if the estimated viewing distance is 5 mm between the video wall and viewer then 5mm will be the pixel pitch for the same

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Indoor Pixel Pitches Specifications

Pixel Pitch1.2 mm1.6 mm1.9 mm2.5 mm3 mm4 mm5 mm6 mm7.62 mm
Optimum Viewing Distance(m)>1>1>1.5>2>3>4>5>6>7
Pixel Density(pixel/m2)640000358801275625160000111111625000400002777717222
Pixel ConfigurationSMD 3 in 1SMD 3 in 1 – black bodySMD 3 in 1
LED EncapsulationNationstar/Kinglight/Amplight
Module Resolution (W*H )120 x 135120 x 9084 x 8464 x 3264 x 6464 x 3264 x 3264 x 3264 x 32
Module Dimention (mm)150 x 169200 x 150160 x 160160 x 80192 x 192256 x 128320 x 160192 x 96244 x 122
Native Brightness(cd/m2 or Nits)80010001000120014001200140022001500
Drive Method / Scan Mode1/301/321/321/8
Cabinet MaterialDie Cast AluminiumMild Steel
Weight(kg/m2)70 Approx
Ingress ProtectionIP 31
Frame Frequency(Hz)60
Refresh Rate(Hz)2400600 – 2000
Grey Scale / ColorUp to 16 bit; 2.81 Billion
Control SystemNovaLinsnLinsn/Nova
Average Power(W/m2)224400400480300300500400400
Max Power(W/m2)56010001000120080088010008001000
Cabinet Size (mm)400 x 300 x 120480 x 480 x 120480 x 480 x 120960 x 576 x 120768 x 768 x 120960 x 640 x 120960 x 640 x 120976 x 732 x 120
Cabinet Pixels480x 270240x 180252x 252256 x 256192 x 192128 x 128128 x 96
Viewing Angle (V*H)160 x 160160 x 160140 x 140160 x 160140 x 120160 x 160140 x 140140 x 140140 x 140
Control Distance100m (without repeater), single mode fiber:20km, multi mode fiber: 500m
LED ChipEpistar / Cree / Nichia / Silan-Opto
Operating Temperature/Humiditytemperature:-20℃~ 50℃ humidity:10~90%RH
Working Voltage220V or 110V +- 10%
LED Life Span(Hrs)100,000
MTBF (Hrs)5000

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