Ace Series

In an indoor environment, the viewing distance is relatively less. Xtreme Media’s Ace Series LED displays specifically designed for smaller viewing distances. Made up of TrueColor technology Ace Series is known for its best colour reproduction and brightness making it perfect indoor displays. These displays are ideal for conference halls, broadcasting studios and control centres seamless viewing experience is necessary.


Front Access

Full front access displays and require no additional space behind the screen.

Power & Data

Alternative power & data backup ensures zero downtime of the screens.

No External

All the cabling is inside the cabinet that makes the screen look neat.

Auto -

Restores the display settings of the new module in case of any module replacement.


Parameter1.2 mm1.5 mm1.8 mm2.5 mm
Physical ParameterPixel ConfigurationSMD0808SMD1010SMD1010/SMD1515SMD2020
Pixel Pitch (mm)1.251.561.872.5
Pixel matrix per panel480x270384x216320x180240x135
Pixel density(pixels/sq.m.)640000409600284089160000
Cabinet Dimensions (LxWxH)/(mm)600x337.5x95600x337.5x95600x337.5x95600x337.5x95
Module Dimensions (LxWxH)/(mm)150x168.75150x168.75150x168.75150x168.75
Panel materialDie Casting AluminumDie Casting AluminumDie Casting AluminumDie Casting Aluminum
Cabinet weight (kg/panel)
Module weight (kg/panel)
Optical ParameterBrightness(nit)800800800800
Optimal Horizontal Viewing Angle(°)160160160160
Optimal Vertical Viewing Angle(°)160160160160
Electrical ParameterAC Input Voltage(V)AC: 220V±10%AC: 220V±10%AC: 220V±10%AC: 220V±10%
AC Input Frequency(Hz)50505050
AC Input Power Maximum Value(W/m²)800750750500
AC Input Power Typical Value(W/m²)270250250170
Circumstance ParameterStorage Temperature(℃)-40 -60-40 -60-40 -60-40 -60
Working Temperature(℃)0 - 400 - 400 - 400 - 40
IP rating (Front/Rear)IP40/IP21IP40/IP21IP40/IP21IP40/IP21
Storage Humidity (RH)10%~90% non-condensing10%~90% non-condensing10%~90% non-condensing10%~90% non-condensing
Working Humidity (RH)10%~60% non-condensing10%~60% non-condensing10%~60% non-condensing10%~60% non-condensing
Lifetime Typical Value(hrs)100000100000100000100000
Cabinet installation typeFixFixFixFixFix

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