Outdoor LED Video Wall and LED Display India

Rigel Series

Xtreme Media’s Outdoor LED Video Wall also commonly known as outdoor LED displays is an excellent medium to captivate your audience by displaying vibrant content. Outdoor LED display higher than 10mm pixel pitch are made using DIP technology making them are sturdy, durable and they have excellent picture quality even in direct sunlight.


Features of Outdoor LED Display


New Product NameXM Rigel-4TOXM Rigel-6TOXM Rigel-8TOXM Rigel-10TOXM Rigel-10TOD
Pixel Pitch(mm)P4P6P8P10P10
LED Encapsulation MakeNationstarNationstarNationstarNationstarNationstar
LED TypeSMD 1921SMD 3535SMD 3535SMD 3535DIP 346
Cabinet Dimension(W x H, mm) **1024*768960*9601024*1024960*960960*960
Service AccessBackBackBackBackBack
Standard Brightness(nits)(cd/m2)50005500600060006000
Viewing Angle140 * 140140 * 140140 * 140140 * 140120 * 70
Contrast Ratio2000 : 12000 : 12000 : 12000 : 11000 : 1
Power Consumption (Avg.)(Watts/Tile)277322368322322
Refresh Rate(Hz)Upto 1920Upto 1920Upto 1920Upto 1920Upto 1920
Driving ICMBI 5124MBI 5124MBI 5124MBI 5124MBI 5124
Ingress Protection (IP) RatingIP65 Front IP54 BackIP65 Front IP54 BackIP65 Front IP54 BackIP65 Front IP54 BackIP65 Front IP54 Back
Cabinet TypeMild SteelMild SteelMild SteelMild SteelMild Steel
Data ProcessingUpto 16 BitUpto 16 BitUpto 16 BitUpto 16 BitUpto 16 Bit


LED Van solution for PNP Media, Lucknow

Case Study

  • Accenture

    To elevate its brand image and enhance its brand recall, Accenture decided to transform its building façade using Xtreme Media Outdoor LED displays. 2 LED displays of pixel pitch 10mm and size 37 ft. x 23 ft. are deployed at a height so that they can be viewed by anyone from a far-off distance. Another outdoor LED display of P6 and size 37ft. by 10 ft. is installed near the main entrance to captivate the visitors entering the office building. Accenture showcases branding messages and corporate ads on these displays that help to strengthen its brand presence in the vicinity.

  • BSE

    • Xtreme Media has provided a turnkey solution of LED displays and digital signage solutions to the BSE
    • To enhance its branding and enthral millions of visitors, BSE installed 23 feet by 17 feet LED videowall of pixel pitch 16mm on its building façade
    • A 125 feet long, true color horizontal LED ticker runs across the BSE building. It features live stock prices, company logo, graphics & animation in multiple lines
    • A curved LED display is installed at BSE convention centre. The speciality of this screen is that it can be split into 4 screens to showcase different content at the same time.
    • A 6mm LED videowall of size 10 feet by 8 feet installed in the lobby of BSE welcomes every visitor entering the building


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