Outdoor LED Video Wall And LED Display India

Xtreme Media LED Video wall for outdoor applications is a module based LED wall solution. The technology used in XM outdoor LED displays is DIP. As this is a module based solution, it can be molded into any shape or size.

Due to DIP technology that is used the outdoor video walls are sturdy, durable & very bright. Unlike other LED video walls, XM outdoor LED displays are viewable in direct sunlight. The picture quality is not compromised in our solution, hence the display is crystal clear despite it’s a day time or night time.

We strive to create products which are environmentally balanced, XM outdoor LED video walls are low power consumption.

Our outdoor LED displays are compatible with various input formats, such as DVD players, cable TV, internet & intranet etc.

These are highly customized LED walls, every LED video is customized in regards to pixel pitches, resolution, sizes, shapes etc.Our LED video walls enjoys long life, they are weatherproof units & can tolerate dust, humidity or rain.

Outdoor LED Types

Stadium LED Display

Stadium Displays

LED scoreboard is a multi-purpose display used for showing live scores, replays, animations, advertisements, etc. Through our Digital Signage Software, our clients can show one or more information on the LED scoreboard at the same time. The scores can be fed in the customized templates manually or automatically.

Scrolling LED Displays

Scrolling LED Display

Scrolling LED or LED ticker display is an ideal solution to display live stock market data, news headlines, RSS feeds, twitter feeds, sports score etc. These displays are flexible true color modules that can be built to any length and customized to take concave, convex or cylindrical shapes that can blend with the environment.

LED Display Out of Home

Digital OOH Display

Digital OOH advertising has transformed the meaning of outdoor advertising. Digital screens can display dynamic content and offer flexibility which cannot be achieved in with traditional OOH. With Xtreme Media Solutions one can create and manage a network of multiple screens from one central location to modify the content by the time of the day.

Pixel Pitches

Pixel pitches a common term used for LED displays defines by the ideal distance between viewer and video wall. The reason why pixel pitch is such a deciding factor is as per suitable viewing distance pixel is placed and LED walls are designed. For e.g. if the estimated viewing distance is 5 mm between the video wall and viewer then 5mm will be the pixel pitch for the same.

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Outdoor Pixel Pitches Specifications

Pixel Pitch3.9mm5mm6mm8mm10mm16mm
Optimum Viewing Distance(m)>4>5>6>8>10>16
Pixel Density(pixel/m2)62500400002777715625100003906
Pixel ConfigurationSMD 3 in 11R1G1B
LED EncapsulationNationstar / Kinglight / Amplight
Module Resolution (W*H)64x 6464x 3232 x 3232 x 1616 x 1616 x 16
Module Dimention (mm)256x 256320x 160192 x 192256 x 128160 x 160256 x 256
Avg. Power Consumption(W/m2)350400300300300250
Max. Power Consumption(W/m2)8001000100010001000850
Ingression Proof GradeIP65 (Fromt) and IP54 (Back)
Gray Scaleupto 16 bit / 2.81 billion
Drive Method / Scan Mode1/16 scan1/8 scan1/4 scan1/1 Scan
Frame Frequency(Hz)60
Refresh Rate(Hz)300 – 2000
Brightness (Cd/m2)450055005500650058008000
Operating Temperature / HumidityTemperature: -20oC ~ 50oC | Humidity: 10% ~ 90% Hz
Input Voltage220V or 110V (+/- 10%)
LED ChipEpistar / Cree / Nichia / Slian-Opto
Optimum Viewing Angle (V*H)140 x 120140 x 70140 x 120120 x 170
Control SystemLinsn / Nova / Listen
LED Life Span(Hrs)100,000

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