Better internal communication drives close to 25% higher productivity. A corporate office ambience is synonymous with its brand image. While digital displays help in enhancing this persona, LED displays & digital signage solutions also help in engaging visitors, facilitating internal communication and creating a good brand recall.

LED Display Solutions

For Corporates

LED Displays

Vibrant and smart digital displays can completely transform a lobby or a reception area. Architectural LED displays allow brands to customize digital displays in various forms, adding a ‘WOW’ factor in the mind of their visitors. In addition to aesthetics, LED displays are preferred due to their better resolution, vibrancy and seamless spectacle.

Case Study

  • Star India Pvt. Ltd

    Star India Pvt. Ltd. is one of India's largest media conglomerates.
    One of the Star India’s channel, Start Sports India, installed a high resolution 2.5 mm LED display in their office lobby in Chennai. This LED display is 16.8 feet wide and 7.8 feet high. Live streaming of sport matches is displayed on this LED screen.

  • PayPal

    PayPal is an American digital payment service provider having offices in different part of the world.
    Xtreme Media has installed a vibrant 4mm LED display in Paypal Chennai office’s cafeteria. This display is 22 feet wide and 7 feet high which brightens the cafeteria environment. Paypal uses this LED display for entertaining and engaging employees by showcasing sport matches.

Digital Signage Solutions

For Corporates

Digital Signage

With a digital signage solution, corporates can consistently and effectively communicate with their employees regardless of the office size or number of locations. A web-based digital signage helps create a centralized network of displays across several branches located anywhere in the world. Deploying digital signages in areas like work floors, cafeterias and factory lines help engage employees.

Case Study

  • Cipla

    Cipla is a leading global pharmaceutical company.
    To keep entertain their employees and to keep them posted about the current happenings in the company, Cipla installed digital signages in the cafeteria and lobby of their manufacturing plant in Goa. Xtreme Media Digital Signage solution helps Cipla to have better internal communication and increase employee engagement.

  • Adidas

    Adidas is one of the leading sportswear brands having offices across the globe.
    Adidas deployed Xtreme Media Digital Signage solution in their Delhi office for better employee engagement. They use these digital signages for multiple purposes – for instance live streaming matches, advertising products or screening new launches.

Meeting Room Manager

Meeting Mate

Meeting mate is a room booking solution for corporates. Right from checking the availability status of a meeting room to booking facilities, all of it can be done over a tab. Integration with Outlook along with a standalone dashboard can also help manage meetings.

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  • Xtreme Media digital signage deployed at Syntel India branches creates a better experience for visitor & creates smooth internal communication system for Syntel employees. With Xtreme Media live streaming feature on this platform, we are able to connect our management with our employees at one click.”
  • We have incorporated Xtreme Media’s digital signage solution at 10 of our branches in Mumbai. Prior to this solution all our branches had TV screens but we had very little control over it and it were often overlooked by the visitors. This problem of what content to run & how to run was completely eradicated with this solution. Digital signage gave us liberty to showcase content formats such as videos and quality images which created a long lasting impression on customer’s mind and proved as unique selling point for us. We prepared 8 destination videos which are currently running on screens & managed centrally by us."

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