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According to the University of Michigan, “Wayfinding can be defined as spatial problem solving. It is knowing where you are in a building or an environment, knowing where your desired location is, and knowing how to get there from your present location.” Interactive wayfinding maps guide your visitors through your facility and provide them with a convenient one-stop source for all information. Effective wayfinding is essential corporate and college campuses, healthcare facilities, government buildings, hotels and conference centres and more.

Case Study

Phoenix Malls

Xtreme Media has successfully deployed QMS Solution integrated with digital signage features for Reliance HN Hospital Mumbai, India. With a web based interface, doctors can access QMS data over multiple platforms (tablets, smart phones) from different locations.

With a web based interface, doctors can access QMS data over multiple platforms (tablets, smart phones) from different locations.

2D & 3D


2D & 3D Wayfinding

Interactive Wayfinding

Interactive Wayfinding Solution is an intuitive and intelligent navigation system suitable for large premises likes malls, airports, educational campus etc. The 2D interface provides shortest route to the desired location, once entered by a user. The interactive wayfinding is not only a navigation system as it provides a directory. For e.g. a visitor at a retail mall can browse through directory of shops, he can also search as per the respective categories. Digital signage is integrated with Xtreme Media interactive wayfinding which provides an attractive branding option, another interesting feature available is feedback system. Users can submit their reviews and feedback about the premise experience which can provide valuable insights to brands.

3D Wayfinding Solution

Our newly launched interactive wayfinding provides 3D block interface, it recreates the map in 3D providing realistic experience. Smooth and visually enriching, 3D wayfinding provides all the features available with interactive wayfinding such as directory view, integrated digital signage and feedback system. 3D wayfinding shows the aisles, difference between the blocks clearly, which contributes to amazing experience for the visitor.



Each airport has multiple terminals and each terminal has multiple check in counters and gates. In such a scenario, interactive wayfinding can be of great help to get around and even board the flight right on time.


It is often a hassle to find the desired store in a large shopping complex. Interactive wayfinding is the perfect solution that helps visitors pick the desired store on a directory and discover the shortest possible route to it.


Hospital premises are of large nature and have multiple facilities and departments. It is often confusing for a visitor to get to the desired room in such complex structures. Interactive wayfinding with touch kiosks provide all details of a premise along with routes to get to it.


Most big corporate campuses often host multiple offices. More often than not, it is a task to get to the desired office and meet the right person. Interactive wayfinding is of great help in such cases.



  • Working with Xtreme Media has been a pleasant experience. Their Interactive Wayfinding Solution installed at various Phoenix malls help visitors in overcoming the time consuming and confusing navigation challenges. We were looking for an innovative solution which aid visitors to locate and reach their destination quickly and conveniently. Xtreme Media’s customized Interactive Wayfinding Solution assist visitors to find their desired shop or destination quickly and in turn, help us in providing a superior customer experience.”
    Mr. Amit Kumar - Senior Centre Director, PHOENIX MILLS LTD.

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