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Digital Signage for Transportation

Digital Signs are a sub-segment of signage. This digital signage system is generally designed by the Environmental Graphic Designers, who designs both the installation and the content to be displayed via this methodology. The Digital Signage Software has helped simplifying the ways by which critical information can be displayed on a public platform. Outdoor advertising, public installations, marketing and route finding instructions have been revolutionized using the Digital Signage. The most important sector where its installation and extensive application has been immensely helpful is the Transportation Sector.

How Helpful It Is?

Installation of the Digital Signage Software in public transportation sector has made it easier for passengers to avail precise information, with audio-visual effects that allows them to seek the vital information while they are travelling. As the information is displayed digitally to a wider spectrum of audiences, it also saves valuable time and offers maximum coverage, simultaneously. These digital signage systems can be installed anywhere in the transportation sectors like Airport, Railway Platforms, Metros, inside the train and bus coaches, where passengers would find it significantly informative and helpful. Through these incredible exhibits, vital information, such as, the arrival and departure time of trains and or flights, bus and train routes and stoppages can be showcased, simultaneously imparting safety instructions to the passengers. Further, passengers no longer need to wait in long queues to avail information on their flights and or trains. Digital Signage with timely updated information adheres to the needs of all passengers.

Information Shared

Digital Signage employs innovative technologies, such as, LCD, LED and Projection for displaying its varied forms of contents like images, video, and text information. Today, the digitalized formats of information sharing are enjoying a wide acceptance among users. It is considered as a better alternative to the static signage, simply because of its ability to update and modify information, with its interactive capabilities through the application of embedded touch screens and image capture devices.

The Public Transport sector receives handsome benefits due to these incredible features, which allows the displayed information to change 24*7. When a particular flight or train will arrive or leave? If there has been any change in the arriving or departure schedule? How late a flight or train would be? From which platform or air terminal is the aircraft or train leaving? Dos and Don’ts inside a public transport sector, and several such significant pieces of information can be accessed with the assistance from digital signage software.

Digital Signage is all about communicating with the targeted group of audience with better coverage and updated vital information in a more effective manner. Due to its combined features of audio and visual effects it helps in attracting attention of the audience better than that expected from static signage, printing documents, brochures, manuals etc in public transport spheres or in any other areas. Targeted messages can be delivered to masses at specific locations at specific times.

Digital Signage for Transportation
Ganesh Waghmode
Ganesh Waghmode, Sr. Manager at Xtreme Media, leads a team of software developers and testers who are responsible for developing and testing the innovative range of software solutions that Xtreme Media provides. He has great expertise in the advancement of technology and strategic oversight and looks forward to being the best in the industry.

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