How Restaurants And Food Chains Can Utilize Digital Menu Boards?

How Restaurants And Food Chains Can Utilize Digital Menu Boards? - Xtreme Media


Digital signage, a cloud based solution is leading display technology that is surpassing all other display formats in the market. In hospitality industry especially, QSR’s are using this technology at it’s best in the form of digital menu boards.

Digital Menu board isextended software of digital signage that overcomes the hurdles of many conventional menuboard display formats such as flex board, pamphlets, laminated menu boards or chalkboards.

Show Off Your Tasty Dishes

They say the best formula for successful restaurant is its aroma that attracts customers to try your outlet. The little known fact is impressive presentation of food items also brings the urge for viewer to try your dish. Digital menuboard is web based software solution that supports various file formats such as images, text, flash animation, videos etc. HD images of well garnished dishes or a commercial video is an excellent way to allure customer.

New Recipes Every Day Or Changing Prices – Keep It Moving

Menu boards are subject to dayparting in restaurant industry as menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner is different and it varies every day. This is the reason digital menu boards prove to be much more effective than any other formats. Also once you print your menucard it becomes costly affair to change the details every time the prices changes or you add any new dishes. Digital signage software practically digitizes your menucard and the task is easy enough as you can create or edit the layout of menucard easily. Just one publish button and changes are activated through one click

Don’t Just Show Menu Items…There Is Room For More!

Digital signage software allows you to divide your screen into multiple regions so you can show the current offers in format of scrolling ticker. While your menu card items can be displayed in one portion, images or videos can be played in other.

Digital Menuboard effectively merge the benefits of having a digital menuboard and digital signage. Another way to look at digital menu board is as a revenue stream especially in QSR’s. One region on digital signage screen can easily show promotional content for the brands associated with a restaurants hence revenue through ad space selling is added advantage.

Sanket Rambhia
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