How 2018 has been for Xtreme Media

How 2018 has been for Xtreme Media - Xtreme Media

Highlight of 2018 for Xtreme Media



2018 has been a long but memorable journey for Xtreme Media. We have successfully installed more than 400 LED Screens by the end of this year. We are also powering more than 20,000 Digital signage screens across India. Not only have we increased our number of projects this year but have also added innovative products and features to our basket.

Xtreme Media is also growing it’s reach to the middle-east countries along with having more than 7 office locations in India. Along with increased locations, our team size has also increased to more than 120 employees. With a team full of experienced engineers and employees, Xtreme Media aims to providing innovative and unique solution to its clients.

Most importantly, Xtreme Media made its employees happy. Celebrating almost all the joyous festivals to going on picnics to participating in all events, all the employees have worked as one team.

2018 might’ve been our best year, we opened a new office, launched a new website too, hired great people and also added various software and hardware solutions.

Kinjal Rambhia
Having the qualities of principled, honesty and supremely attentive, Kinjal Rambhia is the Operations Director at Xtreme Media. She oversees smooth functioning, planning and development within the company and the rollout of innovative products to the market.

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