Projector v/s LED Video Wall

Projector v/s LED Video Wall - Xtreme Media

Projector v/s LED Video Wall - Xtreme Media


Over the years LED video walls have gained immense popularity as more and more people are understanding the importance of better visuals and content technologies. They do serve the purpose of delivering incredibly clear and sharp images on the display.

Here are few factors that can be taken into consideration before choosing between a projector and LED video wall --

  • Image Quality

    The quality of the image is an important factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Even though both projector and LED video wall support 4k content, the colour reproduction vary distinctly. Projectors’ display very whitish or dull colours on the screen, on the other hand LED video walls display very sharp and true colours.

  • Maintenance

    Since maintenance is a very recurrent activity when it comes to digital displays, projectors must be replaced entirely if anything goes wrong or bare a huge maintenance cost. Whereas only a single cabinet must be replaced or repaired in the case of a LED video wall.

  • Design Structure

    Projectors have a very uniform design structure and cannot be customised if the content displayed is informative or graphical. In the case of LED video wall, this display can be customised to fit into any shape or size depending on the architecture of the place. (E.g. curved, cylindrical, t-arch, etc.)

  • Life Span

    The average life span of a projector is 5 years, whereas on the other hand LED video walls have an average life span of around 10 years. In the case of projectors, the light or bulb of the projector gets dull with time, which is not the case with LED video wall. The light of the LED video wall can be adjusted even after a long span of time.

  • Price

    Last but not the least, and the most deciding factor is the price of the displays. Projectors are 15% -- 200% less expensive than LED video walls but the costs for LEDs are showing a substantial decrease in recent years and are also going to decrease further in the years to come.



Projector v/s LED Video Wall - Xtreme Media
Sanket Rambhia
As the Managing Director and founder of Xtreme Media, Sanket Rambhia is responsible for all the facets of the business. He is proven to have an excellent strategic vision, which brought has Xtreme Media from unstructured to completely structured over the past 10 years. With substantial growth and leadership, he aims to be a global leader in digital signage and LED display solutions.

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