LED Video Wall & Digital Signage – The Next Big Thing In DOOH

LED Video Wall & Digital Signage - The Next Big Thing In DOOH - Xtreme Media

F&B promotions on Outdoor Digital Signage

Gone are the days when old-school methods used to help advertise a product in the market. With the undisputed growth of competition in the market, traditional methods are lacking in attracting visitors and keeping them engaged. DOOH, on the other hand, is becoming ubiquitous.

Digital Displays are taking over not only because they are vibrant and attractive but also because they are becoming more and more affordable with time. The reach is expanding almost everywhere including malls, theatres, restaurants, highways, etc. and there is no looking back for the advertisers.

F&B promotions on Outdoor Digital Signage

Modifying the look and feel of outdoor marketing, LED video wall and digital signage has a lot of potentials for marketers and advertisers to invest in them. According to recent research by WARC, “DOOH is expected to exceed more than five billion dollar at a CAGR of 10% by 2022.”


F&B promotions on Outdoor Digital Signage


Here are some of the advantages of having digital displays for OOH advertising.

Next-Gen Technology

Many see next-gen technologies as a solution as it helps them to ease the process they are currently carrying out. Next-gen technologies also help to stand out from the rest as new innovative things attract more eyes. LED video wall and digital signage are currently proving to be a boon for advertisers as they are providing high returns o their investment.

Cost Effective

Digital content is 2.5 times more impactful than static billboards and hoardings. Since printing is a very recurrent activity, the expense of printing an advertisement is also very high. Putting up new banners or hoardings each time requires a lot of time, manpower and printing expense. Whereas, putting up an LED video wall on the hand is a one-time activity and can be carried out also easily.

Ease in Changing Content

Static or printed hoardings cannot be shuffled quite often, as there are too much time and money invested behind a single ad. LED video wall and digital signage are dynamic and hence the content can be shuffled at any time.

Centrally Controlled

Digital displays can be centrally controlled with the help of media players that are plugged with them. The content can be changed from one location on all the screens installed at different locations.

Vibrant and Vivid Displays

Static displays are failing to grab the attention of the visitors which can be completely fulfilled with the help of LED video wall and digital signage. The brightness and contrast ratios help the display to even stand out during daylight.

Integration with Crowd Analytics

Since the advertisers and brands invest a lot in digital displays, they can get a complete report of how many impressions they earned for the ad. Xtreme Media’s Crowd Analytics helps them to get statistics such as gender, age, facial expression, total impressions, etc.


Case Study

Xtreme Media has provided LED video walls to Times OOH, one of the leading companies in the outdoor advertising industry. We have installed LED video walls at 2 metro stations in Mumbai. Metro stations being a prime location with more than 3 lakh visitors per day can be the perfect location for an advertiser to buy advertising space and marketers to shoot their ad campaign to maximum visitors.


F&B promotions on Outdoor Digital Signage


If used in the right way, LED Video walls and digital signages can be of great advantage to all the industries to advertise or market their products and services. This is a highly personalized advertising strategy which will help the brand to stand out and to connect better with the audience.

F&B promotions on Outdoor Digital Signage
Sanket Rambhia
As the Managing Director and founder of Xtreme Media, Sanket Rambhia is responsible for all the facets of the business. He is proven to have an excellent strategic vision, which brought has Xtreme Media from unstructured to completely structured over the past 10 years. With substantial growth and leadership, he aims to be a global leader in digital signage and LED display solutions.

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