Xtreme Media Introducing An Advanced Version Of Digital Signage Software

In this ever-growing world, technology is getting updated faster than any other medium. New updates, new launches, new features, etc get updated every day. All these updates and features are done keeping in mind the next-generation technology and how it helps businesses or individuals simplify their working process. Hence, to sustain this competitive world, it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies to lead your industry.

Xtreme Media unveils the newly updated and intuitive digital signage software solution. This software just got a lot more advanced, smarter and user-friendly. It has enriched the user experience making it more organised and detailed.

New Features Of Our Digital Signage Software

Here are a few features which make this signage software more systematic and easier to use:


Systematic Dashboard

An organised method of registered media players and graphs is showcased on the dashboard. as soon as you log in. The dashboard gives detailed information of the active and inactive media players along with its location.Along with the information of the media players, the historical data of the media players is also shown which allows the user to view the previous day’s media player status as well.


More Detailed Reports

Xtreme Media’s signage software gives in-depth reports about each media player and the content playing through it. Each user wants to keep a tap on the number of impressions the content gets and for how long it has played. These reports help give a brief study of the downtime and uptime of media players and content rotation which help to plan execute the next campaigns.

Customisable Themes

Customisable themes are used by the company or brand to choose their own color scheme and fonts. This gives a more personalised touch to the user while using the software. A user can also upload its logo for branding purposes.

Pre-Defined Layouts

Pre-defined layouts are existing templates in the software, if the user does not want to create new templates of its own and manage content efficiently it can use pre-defined templates provided by Xtreme Media. The designed templates cover industries like retail, automobile, banking, corporate, entertainment, education, real estate, OOH, healthcare and many more.

Media Conversion

Media conversion allows the user to convert any 4k or 8k resolution content to full HD and HD content. Through this, the user gets the freedom to upload any resolution content and to change it according to his preference.


Planogram gives complete information about the media player like which media is playing which layout. The start time of the layout and end time is also showcased. Along with this information, which all images and videos are played on that particular media player is also shown.

Thus, the new version of Xtreme Media’s digital signage software which is being launched to all the users has a more standard look and is far more efficient for the users. Most importantly, this new software is more functional and flexible as it simplifies the process for the user.


Xtreme Media
Xtreme Media
Xtreme Media is a pioneer in LED display and digital signage software solutions. We are powering more than 20,000 screens with our signage software and have installed more than 400 LED displays across India. With the help of our in-house experienced software developers and engineers, we aim to provide the best service to our clients. Our major clients include Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE), Inox Leisure Ltd. PVR Cinemas, Phoenix Mills Ltd., State Bank of India, Adidas, AND, Infosys, Cipla, etc.

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