Innovation in Indoor LED Displays: A Way to Make Your Brands Stand Out

Innovation in Indoor LED Displays: A Way to Make Your Brands Stand Out - Xtreme Media



LED Video Walls comprise of direct view (DV) LED Displays, which work together as a single unit, to display content efficiently. Indoor LED display is becoming extremely popular because of its spearheading technology, resolution quality, along with being easily customized into different sizes and shapes.


Creating a ‘WOW’ experience

Because of being easily customized into different sizes and shapes, LED Video Walls have a remarkable impact on visitors/ customers. Xtreme Media has designed very interesting and unique shapes of LED Video Walls for reputed clients. These LED Video Walls create a WOW factor in the environment, when combined with modern aesthetics. Rather than sticking to the usual shapes, clients are experimenting with innovative shapes like curved, cylindrical, cube, oval or T- Arch, to attract audience.


Curved Shaped Indoor LED Display


Being visually appealing, LED displays serve as a backdrop to keep viewers engaged while sharing news with supporting video, stills and graphics. These video walls are used for multipurpose events like meetings, exhibitions, shows, weddings, etc. Given its flexibility, it can be used, both outdoors and indoors.

Curved Media Display, by Xtreme Media, featuring the latest fine-pixel LED technology has its client in regional broadcast channel studio sets, example, ABP Majha. Xtreme Media has also customized a curved LED Display for   Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)


L Shaped Indoor LED Display


Places where space is a constraint, and large sized LED displays cannot be installed, L-shaped LED displays are used to provide a seamless viewing experience. This innovative LED display allows to play single as well as different content on the L-shaped display.

Times Now Group, Mumbai, The White Crow, Ahmedabad have installed L shaped LED true color displays, which has been provided by Xtreme Media


Pillar LED Displays


These pillars are mounted in stores to blend with the ambience. These are extremely lightweight and can be installed within 3 hours. It delivers HD images and videos.

The LED Video Walls in PVR Cinemas have been designed by Xtreme Media. The Westside store in Kolkata has an ultra slim Pillar LED Display, manufactured by Xtreme Media.


LED Media Facades


Merging of different LED Lighting techniques like wall washers, floodlights, linear lights, etc., create an LED Media Façade. These are used in different combinations and can be customized in any shape or size. These make buildings tell stories, by bringing out the character of the buildings, through the correct combination of dynamic lighting.




Auto Adjustment of Brightness and Contrast

LED Video Walls have two critical features- auto adjustment of brightness and color balance. This ensures a vibrant yet aesthetically suitable display quality.


Brings Transparency for Both Indoors and Outdoors

LED Displays have worked their charm throughout all the markets, being easily customizable in any shape or size and are suitable both indoors and outdoors. Due to their versatility, they can withstand any weather condition. Xtreme Media has launched the SMD series, which is an eye-catching window display and enhances store footfall. Having transparency up to 80%, these displays easily give a glimpse of the store. Outdoors, transparent LED Displays are used to create a glass façade, to enable beauty, elegance and clarity.


Incomparable Picture Quality

LED Video Displays create an impact with a Bezel free and high resolution. These Video Walls are made of true color technology, which have a great impact on the clarity and precision of the picture.



Think Creative

LED Displays have ventured into different market segments and experimented with creative and unique display solutions


Interactive/Touch LED Displays

Customers value interactivity and look for the same experience, as with their phone/tablets, when using LED Displays. Keeping this in mind, companies have launched Touchscreen LED Displays, which are highly interactive, using the latest touch sensors.


Flexible LED Displays

LED Display can be made into a mesh and can be flexibly formed to match the irregular shaped building façade. LED Mesh ensures higher transparency and the screen has great ventilation and wind resistance function.


LED Displays Revolution

Architectural Designs recreates the LED Displays into innovative shapes. Perimeter LED Display is one of the most visible display solutions used as branding tools in stadiums. LED Displays designed for Stock Exchanges; help depict complex data in an understandable manner. These Video Walls are used in auditoriums, banks, control rooms and have revolutionized the entire marketplace, because of their exceptionally good picture quality and output. In addition, they can be easily mounted and customized as per any required shape. Indoor LED displays are the way forward, given the resolution, shape and sizes. LED Displays area adept for outdoors as well. Due to their DIP Technology, they can withstand any weather conditions and can be clearly used to communicate information, in a vibrant manner.


Sanket Rambhia
As the Managing Director and founder of Xtreme Media, Sanket Rambhia is responsible for all the facets of the business. He is proven to have an excellent strategic vision, which brought has Xtreme Media from unstructured to completely structured over the past 10 years. With substantial growth and leadership, he aims to be a global leader in digital signage and LED display solutions.

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