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LED video walls and Digital Signage contribute towards improving overall brand image and customer experience. Xtreme Media’s experience centre is an initiative to give them first-hand experience of the product and to simplify the buying the process. LED Display’s impact can only be seen with your own eyes, so it’s important for a buyer to see display first hand before making an investment

LED Displays

Entrance LED Display

The T-arch LED Display is designed by keeping in mind how a store/ a theatre or an office can create an impression on visitors even before they enter. The best results can be achieved with custom made content for such a display. For e.g. it can give a feeling of walking into the forest or sitting on a mountain top.

Iris Series - Transparent LED Display

The store front is a prime property when it comes to promotions, a transparent display which is being showcased at the experience center is a perfect window display that doesn’t obstruct the inside view. It provides 65% transparency, so when the screen is turned off viewers can see through the display. It is a digital window display, behind which retailers can place objects if they want to create a unique experience.

Ace Series - Small Pitch LED Displays

Our newly launched ace series is a range of small pitch LED displays ideal for applications like boardrooms, home theatres and command and control centers. Here, you can clearly see the difference between the projector and LCD video walls which is commonly used in conference rooms and ace series display. The 1.5 mm screen which is being displayed, offers bezel free stunning colors , high contrast and brightness suitable for any ambient lighting.


Digital Signage

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Experience Centre Location:
B29-31, Shri Ram Industrial Estate, G.D. Ambekar Road, Wadala (W), Mumbai 400031

Come experience the wow factor that digital displays can create for your brand at our experience centre.
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