LG has launched LG WebOS platform for its commercial users. LG displays can be effectively used for as digital signage displays. Xtreme Media® team have developed full-fledged digital signage on LG WebOs platform. This gives access for user to feature rich digital signage despite using in-built digital signage medium.Since the digital signage is in-built, the hardware cost is minimized. Various features of proven Xtreme Media® digital signage is made available. User can also use ready to use templates along with layout creation, editing & scheduling.

Ready To Use



FeaturesLG WEBOS 1.0
Web Based Remote ManagementYes
Multi- RegionsYes
Content SupportYes
Content SchedulingAny Time
Playback From Dynamic SourceRSS & Web Page
Text ScrollYes
Content Creation(Non Animated Templates)Yes
Smart DownloadAny Time
User Management
Create New Users/User Group /Player/ModuleYes
Remote Player Management
Remote Software Upgrades & Enabling/Disabling of DS SoftwareYes
Manage Display Storage RemotelyYes
Set Shutdown or Reboot TimeYes

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