Samsung Smart Signage


Samsung SOC Solution


The best in quality for DS hardware meets the software of Xtreme Media on this platform

Innovative DS Solution


XM is trusted for its innovation, customizability and scalability

Best Hardware + Software


Best Hardware + Software is made available by this duo in one solution.

Minimized Hardware Cost


This partnership provides customer an affordable option, as it minimizes the hardware cost


FeaturesSSSP UltimateSSSP AdvancedSSSP Basic
Web Based Remote ManagementYesYesYes
Multi- RegionsYesYesYes
Content SupportYesYesYes
Content SchedulingAny timeOn Hourly BasisOn Display Start Up
Playback From Dynamic SourceYesYesRSS & Web Page
Text ScrollYesYesYes
Content Creation(Non Animated Templates)YesYesYes
Smart DownloadAny TimeOn Hourly BasisOn Start Up
User Management
Create New Users/User Group /Player/ModuleYesYesNo
Remote Player Management
Remote Software Upgrades & Enabling/Disabling of DS SoftwareYesYesYes
Manage Display Storage RemotelyYesNoNo
Set Shutdown or Reboot TimeYesNoNo

XM DSS on Samsung Smart Signage Platform, finest SOC technology combined with best digital signage solution In-built media player in this solution provides a very cost-effective solution due to reduced hardware cost

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