Aurus Series

Outdoor LED Mesh

Aurus series also known as LED mesh in general is the high brightness display designed to create a vibrant visual experience. Mesmerizing visual patterns and graphics can be created and controlled through back-end software. These are lightweight displays with a weight of only 10kgs. Aurus series displays are easy to install without any fabricated structure. The robust design makes it suitable for challenging weather. All the displays in this series are protected with IP 65 from the front back. The repair and maintenance are made easy as each pixel in the mesh design has its own PCB and driving IC. Aurus series allows brands to make a bold statement and establish it as an unforgettable landmark.


pixel pitch range

Pixel Pitch

Our Aurus Series of LED Mesh has an extensive range of pixel pitches. It starts from P30 and can be customizable as per the needs
High Brightness

Brightness Range

The average brightness of this series ranges from 1000 – 6000 nits. The vibrancy increases the visibility from far of distance.
Made of Polycarbonate

Made of Polycarbonate

The polycarbonate material brings the agility to display design as it can be easily molded and formed into a strong yet lightweight display body.
No Supporting Structure icon

No Supporting Structure

Fabricated by the experts, our LED Mesh is extremely sturdy and does not require any supporting structure to withhold the display on heights.


Model NameXM Aurus-Mesh1XM Aurus-Mesh2XM Aurus-Mesh4XM Aurus-Mesh6XM Aurus-Mesh8
Pixel Pitch(mm)35/40/55/80/10055/80/100
LED Configuration1 LED/Pixel2 LED/Pixel4 LED/Pixel6 LED/Pixel8 LED/Pixel
LED Encapsulation MakeNationstarNationstarNationstarNationstarNationstar
LED TypeSMD 3535SMD 3535SMD 3535SMD 3535SMD 3535
Module Resolution8 x 968 x 128
Service AccessFrontFrontFrontFrontFront
Standard Brightness(nits)(cd/pixel)2.5581520
Viewing Angle140140140120120
Operating VoltageDC-7.5VDC-9VDC-15VDC-48VDC-48V
Power Consumption(Watts/Pixel)0.450.
Refresh Rate(Hz)Upto 1920Upto 1920Upto 1920Upto 1920Upto 1920
Driving ICUCS 5603UCS 5603UCS 5603UCS 5603UCS 5603
Ingress Protection (IP) RatingIP66IP66IP66IP66IP66

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