Orion Series

Ultra HD LED Display

Selecting an LED display that fits the requirement perfectly is a time-consuming affair. Xtreme Media’s Orion Series solves that problem for consumers with the Orion series displays. Orion series is a complete package that includes a Full HD or an Ultra HD display, supporting structure, video processor, and accessories to minimize the hassle for the consumer. The displays have true colour technology that provides realistic and vibrant colours in addition to high brightness and contrast ratio. This display can be entirely reliable for lightening up your indoor environments.

Seamless Experience

Seamless Experience

LED video walls are bezel-free and hence, provide a seamless viewing experience. On the other hand, LCD have bezels between the displays which hamper the viewing experience
No Reflection

No Reflection

One of the biggest advantages of LED TrueColor technology is the reflection-free display. Screen reflections are a big problem especially when the display is getting shot on a camera
Immediate Response Time

Immediate Response Time

TrueColor LED videowalls have a response time of milliseconds, that means in a blink of an eye you can see the changes pushed to the screen. There is no time lag in these displays
Economical Repairing And No Downtime

No Downtime

In this, individual modules can be repaired. That means if a few pixels are damaged or not working then that single module can be replaced with spare module ensuring zero downtime.


Series NameXM Orion-1.25FHDXM Orion-1.56FHDXM Orion-1.875FHD
Pixel Pitch(mm)P1.25P1.56P1.875
LED EncapsulationNationstarNationstarNationstar
Wall Resolution (Pixels)1920 x 10801920 x 10801920 x 1080
Wall Dimension(W x H, mm)2400 x 13503000 x 1687.53600 x 2025
Depth (mm)53/106 (with handle)53/106 (with handle)53/106 (with handle)
Weight (Including Structure) (kg)180270380
Service AccessFrontFrontFront
Standard Brightness (nits, cd/m2)600-800600-1000600-1000
Viewing Angle160 x 160160 x 160160 x 160
Contrast Ratio10000 : 110000 : 110000 : 1
Power Max. (kW)10 kW17 kW24 kW
MCB Rating (Single Phase)254040
Refresh Rate (Hz)≥ 3840≥ 3840≥ 3840
Ingress ProtectionIP20IP20IP20
Cabinet TypeDie-Cast AluminiumDie-Cast AluminiumDie-Cast Aluminium
Input Ports (Optional)1*DVI, 1VGA, 1*CVBS, 1*HDMI
Series NameXM Orion-1.26UHDXM Orion-1.56UHDXM Orion-1.8UHD
Pixel Pitch(mm)P1.26P1.56P1.87
LED Encapsulation MakeNationstarNationstarNationstar
Wall Resolution (Pixels)3840 x 21603840 x 21603840 x 2160
Wall Dimension(W x H, mm)4864 x 27366000 x 33757200 x 4050
Weight(Including Structure)(kg)72010801520
Service AccessFrontFrontFront
Standard Brightness(nits)(cd/m2)500-600800-1000800-1000
Viewing Angle140 x 140160 x 160160 x 160
Contrast Ratio5000 : 15000 : 15000 : 1
Max. Power Consumption (kW)101724
MCB Rating(Single Phase)254063
Refresh Rate(Hz)1920 - 38401920 - 38401920 - 3840
Ingress Protection (IP) RatingIP20IP20IP20
Cabinet TypeDie-Cast AluminiumDie-Cast AluminiumDie-Cast Aluminium
Input Ports(Optional)1*DP1.2, 1*HDMI 2.0, 2*Dual Link DVI

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