NE Series – LED Displays for Better Value

Xtreme Media’s newly introduced NE series displays are a variation, designed to deliver better value in the post-COVID-19 world. A new design from the drawing-room of Xtreme Media’s product designers is inspired with a minimalistic approach. Each series is an extension of our existing series and hence the original major benefits are intact in the NE series but at 15-20% less spend. The series is Xtreme Media’s initiative to progress towards digital transformation at a large scale.

Asta NE Series

Optimized Ultra-Slim LED Display

A value-engineered version of our existing Asta series is Asta NE Series. Keeping the highlights of Asta series intact, NE series is another version that can accommodate the post COVID situation. Available in the same flagship retrofit design and 3 different pixel pitches, it offers the brightness of 700-800 nits. With maximum benefits of Asta Series but at 15-20% lesser prices this ultra-slim series is the best alternative for industries like retail, corporates, airports, broadcasting studios, etc.

NE icons easy installation

Easy to Install and Dismantle

NE icons easy maintance

Easy to Maintain and Service

NE icons lightweight

Lightweight and Ultra-slim Panels

NE icons pixel pitch

Multiple Pixel Pitch Range

Ace NE Series

Post-COVID Boardroom LED Display

Going forward we would be seeing more virtual board meetings than ever; the high performing boardroom is not a choice anymore but a necessity. A favorite LED display series of boardrooms Ace series is re-designed in alternate version as Ace NE series. Let us rethink boardrooms with fine pixel pitch series, providing real-life picture quality and color in its truest form. Let us empower virtual teams and enable to collaborate them with the best platform. Ace NE series offers a pixel pitch range starting from--, let us get better equipped to conduct business in the new normal.

NE icons auto calibration


NE icons Front Access Maintenance

Front Access for Maintenance

NE icons no external cabling

No External Cabling

Power & Data Redundancy

Vega Series

Better Value Indoor LED Displays

A perfect series for lobbies, Vega NE series is aimed to the vibrancy and agility Vega Series offers. A die-cast made framework makes this series the best lightweight alternate for the original one. Offering the brightness of 800-1000 nits, it can lighten the indoor spaces and provide the best in class color reproduction. The NE series version also offers the benefits of easy installation and optimized wiring design, you can enjoy the core value proposition of Vega series by spending less.

NE icons easy structure

Easy Structure

Easy Assembling and Dismantling

NE icons lightweight


NE icons Power Cabling and Looping

Power Cabling and Looping

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