R.S.R.T.C. Going Digital With Xtreme Media

When the entire world is going digital with books converting into EBooks and, file racks becoming folders in laptops; we are becoming more integrated into our operation leading to high speed & accuracy. With this changing trend media of advertisement are also changing. One of the oldest media tools, outdoor hoardings are getting replaced by digital displays. This technology innovation is not new in foreign countries; best examples could be Time square & Las Vegas.

Challenges & Solution Provided:

RSRTC (Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation) went high-tech by installing a GPS tracking system for their 1500 buses in the month of May 2012. This enabled RSRTC to streamline administration & enhance the overall experience. RSRTC also installed LCD screens at bus terminals in cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Ajmer. These LCD’S show the position of a bus, expected time of arrival (ETA) & Expected time of departure (ETD). This technological up-gradation has trimmed down the chaos. It has also helped to provide precise information for long-distance buses, like arrival & Departure time. Xtreme Media Pvt. LTD (XMPL), a promising digital Signage & LED video wall company from Mumbai has worked on the project along with Abhibus. The main aim was to integrating XMPL’s digital signage solution with GPS tracking software of RSRTC. XMPL successfully provided a solution that enabled RSRTC to divide the screen into different regions, to broadcast different formats of content like videos, live feed, text, any advertisements, etc. In the case of RSRTC, every bus was equipped with GPS software that provided information about the bus’s location on a real-time basis to Xtreme Media’s digital signage server, which then shown on the digital screens along with pre-scheduled content. For travelers of RSRTC, this became very convenient and entertaining at the same time. At the time of checking out the time lag in the bus’s arrival, they also got entertained by the promotional campaigns that kept running on a part of the screen. These campaigns included messages of keeping the roads clean & safe, and other social welfare messages as well.


By integrating bus tracking software with Xtreme Media player, RSRTC is now able to provide the right kind of information which helps them to block the loopholes in the system. With this new setting trend, many other transportation systems are now trying to implement this kind of technology. This technology will bring automation and transparency at the same time; along with this, it will help them to attract and sustain customer.

Case Study Details

Client:              R.S.R.T.C
 Solution:       XM GPRS based solution is provided to RSRTC that allowed them to display ETA (Expected time of arrival) & ETD (Expected time of departure) on respected bus terminals.
Completion:   In 2011

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