Queue Management System Video

Queue Management System

A Smart Way to Keep Your Customers and Employees

Research says, “the maximum amount of time a customer is willing to wait is ‘13 Minutes’ beyond which they start to lose their patience and develop a negative experience with the brand. To keep the brand image, it is necessary to keep the customers happy. Xtreme Media’s Queue Management System also known as Token Management System eliminates long queues, speeds up the transaction process for the employees, and reduces the hassle of to manage s large crowd. Additionally, what makes XM Queue Management System unique is that it can be integrated with Digital Signage which thereby allows showing additional content with a token management system.

Web Based Solution

Web Based Solution

Our Queue Management System can be accessed efficiently via a web-based solution from any tab, mobile or computer by an admin or any other user via internet/intranet.
Token Generation

Token Generation

Token Management System generates customized tokens as per the service to be availed & automatically populate queues at the service counters
Missed Token Recall

Missed Token Recall

This token generation system recalls no show tokens of customers who may have, for whatsoever reasons, missed their token call earlier

Quick Service Restaurants

Government Offices

Government Offices

Case Studies
Digital Signage for Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals offers extensive facilities and has a rich board of doctors, to manage the whole process of visiting doctors’ digitization of token generation was necessary. Xtreme Media’s integrated QMS with digital signage not only made the process smooth and easy but also converted the screens as a platform to share necessary information regarding hospital facilities and treatments.

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Digital Signage for Reliance Hospitals

Reliance Hospitals

Xtreme Media has successfully installed Queue management System integrated with Digital Signage Software for Reliance Hospital Mumbai. With a web-based interface, doctors can access QMS data over multiple platforms (tablets, smartphones) from different locations. On the other hand, Digital Signage helps to add to the state of art facilities of the hospital. This effectively helps to educate patients about new medical treatments, promoting services by means of commercials and entertaining them in the waiting areas..

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