Long queues are long known to cause irate customers and many companies have token management to solve this problem. Xtreme Media’s Queue management system is smart and helps to automate the process and bring more efficiency. According to studies, QMS reduces perceived waiting time by 37%. What’s different about XM’s QMS is that it can be integrated with digital signage features thereby enabling smooth token generation & management. For Example, this web-based application allows doctors to manage their patient list from their personal devices like smartphones & tablets.




Government Offices




Case Study


Apollo Hospitals offers extensive facilities and has a rich board of doctors, to manage the whole process of visiting doctors digitization of token generation was necessary. Xtreme Media’s integrated QMS with digital signage not only made the process smooth and easy but also converted the screens as a platform to share necessary information regarding hospital facilities and treatments.

XM QMS at Apollo Hospital fetches the required data from HMIS and convert it into dynamic XM QMS templates. This is an integrated QMS and digital signage solution, due to which Apollo Hospitals can re-enforce the branding too.


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