Selfie Software Solutions

Places like theatres, restaurants, entertainment zones, etc., have a considerable waiting period. Keeping the audience engaged and true to their brand is the need of the hour. Xtreme Media’s Selfie Solution works like the best entertainment and engagement source during this hard time. Selfie Solution is a software designed by Xtreme Media, that helps brands to keep their audience engaged. The audience can click selfies through this solution and upload it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This strengthens the brands’ social media presence and leaves the customer with a memorable experience.

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Social Media

Social Media Integration

This solution can be integrated with platforms like Twitter and Facebook helping the brand to increase their reach through a wide social media network
Compatible With HD Camera

Compatible HD Camera

HD camera increases the quality of the picture which further increases the customer experience and makes the solution much more accessible & affordable
Customized Props Frames

Customized Props and Frames

Brands can customize frames and props that are an extension of their brand image and help increase their brand recall in front of a large audience

Customer Engagement

Xtreme Media’s Selfie Solution encourages customers to be your brand ambassadors facilitating higher customer engagement and reach in the market








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