Digital Signage For Education Industry

India is the second growing economy after China; and an alluring market from a global perspective. We have 15 million people present in-between age bracket of 18-23; this youth is considered to be our major assets. The growth we are experiencing is certainly backed up by some factors. One important factor is the education level; since our independence we seen some drastic changes in our education system. 64 years earlier, we were having 20 universities & 500 colleges; the number has grown immensely since then. In 2012, we have 26 times more universities & 66 times more colleges. Therefore, we can see mass market for education industry.

The growth in this sector has successfully attracted many developments & innovations. Technology is one arena which provided substantial support to institutes for educating the masses in best possible way. As a result, today Indians are well-known for specialized professions like engineering, science & management. Can you Imagine one- storey building serving as engineering or Management College? Probably, the answer is a no. The number of engineers & professionals like managements grads is huge; as a result the campuses are growing. We see huge campuses spreading over large acres; due to huge audience we need smart campuses. We need centralized control & high-end technology, to let the institute function smoothly.

Need of Digital Signage in Institutes:

We have more number of colleges & students graduating every year, as compare to US. Yet, the quality of education in India is considered to be degraded. As per the report of Deloitte, one of the major areas where Indian educational institutes fail is the institute’s Infrastructural facilities. If we look at the global scenario, technology is widely used for various purposes. For e.g. Digital signage is getting used extensively for conveying information regarding courses, fees etc, that bring transparency in procedures. It is also getting widely used for advertising different brands on campuses.


At any college, there are numerous activities & events happening on campus. The population of any college is not less than 500 students in India. In such conditions, all the students don’t get to know about all the activities happening on campus. This all extra curriculum activities are responsible for growth of individual & bringing best out of him. This lag in information transmission is loss for a student; on the contrary it’s not possible for institute to inform each & every student about the events. Most of the time, notice boards are so full of documents that students hardly bother to read all notices. Digital signage gives centralized authority to college for broadcasting the news on campus on all screens located. For students, this is something attractive at the same time convenient.

Case – WE School:

We School (Welingker Institute of Management & Research), is one of the distinguished Bschool in India .Very well known for its best facilities & education. There is a growing need for management graduates in corporate; as a result, the management Institutes are in full swing to make their student superlative in every aspect. We School is famous for the quality of training they provide to students in the form of different opportunities like student managed events etc. We School have explicit research centre on campus, and they hold many important events every year. To bring more sophistication in welcoming, some of the well known people from industry at these events, they have decided to replace their plasma display with more efficient & suitable LED video wall.


Prior to installation of LED, We School were having plasma TV, to welcome their guest & for other notifications.As per sources, the reasons to this up gradation were

  • Plasma provided poor quality for long viewing distance.
  • In the daylight, plasma display is almost ineffective.
  • During the rainy seasons, it was almost unfeasible to use the plasma.

To overcome all this problems We School decided to opt for something better.

About Xtreme Media Pvt.Ltd:

For the new technological up gradation, We School needed a service provider with strong technical support. Xtreme Media Pvt. Ltd an emerging Digital Signage & LED Video Wall company provided best possible, customized solution to We School. XMPL has completed few projects earlier in education industry. They have been associated with names like Symbiosis Institute of Management & Research; Imperial College etc. The extra advantage with XMPL is they have in-house software development facilities along with led manufacturing. This let XMPL alter solutions as per customer requirement.

Case Study Details

Client:               WE School
 Solution:       p5 Indoor LED video wall is installed at Welingker Campus Mumbai to welcome the guests at frequent events & conferences
Completion: In 2012

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