LCD Video Walls Display

Xtreme media offers a wide range of panel-based LCD video walls. The ultra-slim bezel screen is suitable for installation at places like airports, corporate lobbies, retail stores, etc. the displays are particularly designed for industrial usage and hence have provides vigorous performance for long operational hours. Also, the stunning visual displays make them even more appealing and capture high customer interest. Our LCD video wall displays are powered by our own digital signage software which makes the display management easier.

Seamless Experience

Large Format LCD Display

Xtreme Media video walls are different from standard professional panels; through in-built software and merging multiple panels all together the LCD video wall can be converted into one large canvas. Which provides viewer larger than life experience. and captures complete attention of the customer.
Multiple Input Sources

Multiple Input Sources

Our LCD video walls accept multiple input sources and allows you to showcase multiple content across different displays in one video wall. E.g. One part of the video wall display can show the live news feed, another part can show CCTV camera footage, images, videos, etc. Depending on the operators need.
DP Daisy Chain For 4K Output

DP Daisy Chain For 4K Output

The DP daisy chain can help in transferring the 4K resolution through the internal looping in the video wall display. An LCD video wall consists of multiple panels, it is important that all the display panels can take the 4K input that is how the whole video wall display can deliver the truly 4K experience.
In-Built Video Wall Content Editor & Manager

In-Built Video Wall Content Editor & Manager

The in-built LCD video wall software can help the users to boost with video wall display content creation and editing. The inbuilt software is suitable for easily uploading the content from any location on the LCD display as per the screen aspect ratio and orientation of the screen.
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