LED Display

From advertising, to sports, to corporates and even stock exchange markets, LED Displays have gradually crawled into all markets and has left an impactful experience for the visitors. These are highly customisable displays with great brightness capabilities, which can be suitable for indoor as well as outdoor environments. Due to their extreme versatile nature, LED displays can withstand any extreme weather conditions like rain, wind or even dust. Our modern LED’s can not only handle what the weather brings them but are proven to be glare free too, which make the perfect fir for stadiums, broadcast studios, boardrooms or even store fronts.

Advertising & Branding Displays

digital billboard for DOOH

Digital Billboard

Digital billboard also known as LED billboard is generally large format LED display, outdoor LED displays are mainly used by roadside or in outdoor premises. Specially designed for outdoor advertising, it is a comprehensive solution including back-end system.

LED kiosk

LED Kiosk

LED kiosk is a portrait standalone LED display suitable for indoor environment such as malls, train station, metro station, airports etc. LED kiosk is a future of digital kiosk where backlit LED display will be replaced with vibrant and seamless LED displays.

LED window display

LED Window Display

Window advertising is not unknown in the word of marketing, LED window display is specialized lightweight & transparent LED display that can be installed on the window of store, shop or theatres to attract more and more people.

LED curtain and mesh

LED Curtain and Mesh

LED curtain and mesh are different LED technology meant for higher viewing distance, it is more rugged and can be used for outdoor as well as indoor environment. LED mesh and curtain often wrap the whole building to give a it a character and vibrancy.

Lobby Advertising Display

Lobby advertising Display

Indoor LED display used in indoor environments such as malls, airports, retail stores, banks and corporates. Smaller pixel pitches, crystal clear resolution and creative concept of these LED displays can truly grab maximum eyeballs.

Arc/Curved Displays

These architectural LED displays recreates the symmetrical shapes like LED displays to create unique concepts. Some of our executed concepts includes T-arch LED displays where natural elements like waterfalls, forests are used to add exciting element to the venue.

Stadium LED Displays

LED display for Scoreboard

LED Scoreboard

LED scoreboard is a customized hybrid solution where software and hardware are used in sync to suit the dynamic stadium environment. These wide viewing angle LED displays are powered by our scoreboard software solution.

Perimeter Display

Perimeter Display

Perimeter LED display is one of the most visible display medium in any stadium, many brands use it as a branding tool. As it defines the boundary of the stadium in sports like cricket it is widely covered in live Tv footage.

Stock Exchange displays

Scrolling displays

Scrolling displays

Also known as Stock ticker display, this scrolling LED display solution is customized for stock exchanges and used extensively in all stock exchanges worldwide. We offer LED ticker hardware along with back-end software which is integrated with live stock market feed.

stock exchange display

Stock Exchange Display

Large format LED display designed for stock exchanges, simple indoor/outdoor LED displays with stock exchange software is perfect solution to show complex and dynamic stock data in in more attractive manner.

Control Centre Displays

Control Center Dsiplay

Studio / Control Centre Displays

Small pitch indoor LED display solution for critical applications like TV studios and command & control centres. Designed for better aesthetics, these displays are sleek, high end and beautiful, the key feature of these displays is its features like high refresh rate, 4k and FHD resolution.


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