Vega Series

Die-Cast Lightweight LED Displays

This range of LED displays are specially designed with die-cast aluminum, making them very sleek and lightweight. The displays are made up of sturdy thin cabinets, hence making the whole process of installation and dismantling effortless. Furthermore, these displays have very accessible cables, which makes the maintenance process also trouble-free. High tenacity and excellent heat dissipation capabilities are what this display is known for. These features make it perfect for various verticals like retail, entertainments, government, BFSI, corporates, etc.

Easy Build structure icon

Easy Build Structure

Since the display structure is extremely sleek and lightweight, the installation and dismantling process is very effortless
easy power cabling icon

Easy Power Cabling

Since the structure and make of the LED display is very seamless, the cabling carried out through out the display is very accessible and clutter-free
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The displays are designed and fabricated of die-cast aluminum material, which results in very lightweight, thin, and sturdy cabinets
Quick and easy maintenance (2)

Easy Installation

Since these displays are lightweight and require no supporting structure, installation and maintenance is faster and easier compared to other displays
Case Studies
Vega series of LED display for BPCL 1


Application – Lobby LED Display
Pixel Pitch – P1.56
City – Mumbai

BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited) is a government-controlled oil and gas company that is headquartered in Mumbai. An LED display is installed in the lobby of BPCL, mainly used for internal communications, branding and to welcome visitors.

Vega Series of LED display for Falcon Tower

Falcon Tower by Prestige Group

Application – Pillar LED display, large format LED video wall
Pixel Pitch – P2.5
City – Bengaluru

Various forms of LED displays are designed and installed for Falcon Tower’s experience center. The displays make the ambiance mesmerizing and immersive and give a very sophisticated vibe to the people entering it. The displays are used to showcase content which dwells with the whole environment, Transforming it into a truly immersive experience.


Model NameXM Vega-1.95TIXM Vega-2.5TIXM Vega-2.8TIXM Vega-3.9TI
Pixel Pitch (mm)P1.95P2.5P2.8P3.9
LED Encapsulation MakeNationstarNationstarNationstarNationstar
LED TypeSMD 1515SMD 2020SMD 2020SMD 2020
Cabinet Dimension (W x H, mm)500 x 500500 x 500500 x 500500 x 500
Depth (mm)65656565
Weight (kg/m2)23232323
Service AccessFrontFrontFrontFront
Standard Brightness (nits) (cd/m2)800 - 1000800 - 1200800 - 1200800 - 1200
Viewing Angel140 x 140140 x 140140 x 140140 x 140
Contrast Ratio3000:13000:13000:14000:1
Power Consumption (Max.) (Watts/m2)650650650650
Refresh Rate (Hz)≥3840Hz≥3840Hz≥3840Hz≥3840Hz
Driving ICICN2153ICN2153ICN2153ICN2153
Ingress Protection (IP) RatingIP30IP30IP30IP30
Cabinet TypeDie-Cast AluminiumDie-Cast AluminiumDie-Cast AluminiumDie-Cast Aluminium
Data Processing14-16 Bit14-16 Bit14-16 Bit14-16 Bit

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