Digital Display Solutions

For Universities

LED Display

Video walls are vivid and seamless, giving a high resolution and high contrast output. LED displays are an ideal method when wanting to get your message across to students, visitors, parents and faculties in an impressive fashion. Moreover, these LED displays complement and enhance the modern architecture of a campus. For example, an LED scoreboard in the sports arena increase the student engagement and make your institute stand out.

Digital Signage

Education is often synonymous with boredom for most students. However, with a digital signage, education can be turned into an engaging and informative affair. A digital signage offers flexibility to display dynamic content in schools & colleges – e.g. changes in schedule, annual events, achievements, advertisements about university facilities etc.

Digital Signages can be used as digital menu boards in the cafeteria to display various offers and visually appealing images of food

Interactive Signage

Colleges & schools are no more a single building structures of the past. They are now larger-than-life campuses. Technologies like wayfinding kiosks offer navigational assistance in these large campuses. With such huge campuses comes the need to disseminate limitless information. Interactive kiosks can display information about various departments & their faculties, the achievements of school & its students, etc.

Benefits of Digital Display

For Education Institutes

Case Study

  • Manipal University

    Details : 1 P6 outdoor LED videowall of size 12 feet by 7.5 feet
    Location : Manipal, India
    With over 28000 students, Manipal Academy of Higher Education is one of the reputed universities for higher education.

    • To enthrall the visitors and enhance its brand image, Manipal University installed our vibrant outdoor LED videowall

    • They use this display increase engagement with their students by showcasing branding messages, advertisements and announcements

  • Welingkar Institute

    Details : 1 P5 indoor LED videowall of size 6 feet by 4 feet
    Location : Mumbai, India
    Wellingker Institute is one of the distinguished B – schools of India known for its education and facilities

    • To welcome their guests and display relevant information, Wellingker Institute digitized their traditional notice board with Xtreme Media Indoor LED display

    • This digital display offers flexibility to display dynamic content in a sophisticated manner


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